Low Emission Zone

Low Emission Zone/ Environmental Badges in Germany

For the improvement of air quality in zones with particular exposure to fine particles, such as city centres, some main roads or traffic junctions, local authorities and cities in Germany are decreeing a traffic ban.   
The first “environmental zones“ were established on January 1st 2008, further zones with follow over the course of the next year.  These environmental zones can be identified by road signs and only vehicles bearing an environmental badge may drive there.
Here we have compiled a list of the most important questions and answers regarding the topic of emissions stickers.

What kinds of different stickers are available?
Emissions stickers are available in red, yellow and green according to the particulate emission of your vehicle. Green means that you can drive carefree in all environmental zones throughout Germany. 
All petrol-driven cars with an exhaust emission standard of Euro 1 or equivalent receive a green sticker.  Vehicles without an emissions sticker are not permitted to drive in any low emission/ environment zone.

Where can I get a sticker and how do I know which one I need?
Stickers can be purchased from all TÜV stations.  A TÜV expert will be able to tell you which badge you need from your vehicle registration certificate. Here you will find the vehicle key that will provide you with information concerning emission class.  You can either purchase the sticker at a TÜV STATION or order it from our web site.

Where are emissions stickers valid?
The emissions stickers are valid throughout Germany. You can find all current environment zones on our web page.

Will I have to renew the sticker?
No, the validity period of the sticker is unlimited.  You will only have to renew the sticker if you move house and acquire a new licence plate. The licence plate number must be the same as the number on the emissions sticker.

What happens if I drive in an low emission/ environmental zone without a sticker?
This is a regulatory offence and costs 40 Euros.  If you possess a German driving licence you will additionally incur 1 point, which will be registered at the Federal Office of Motor Transport.

What if I come from another country? Do I still need a sticker?
If you come from another country and drive in or through identified environmental zones then your vehicle must have an emissions sticker. You can acquire one of these at your nearest TÜV STATION or from a TÜV partner establishment, or alternatively you can order it from our website.

Where do I attach the sticker?
Attach the sticker to the windscreen so that it can be seen with ease, but so that it does not block the view of the driver.  It is best to do this from the inside on the passenger side, at the bottom right.

Who is not affected by the fine particle regulations?

  • Mopeds, light motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters and motor vehicles with only three wheels
  • Agriculture and forestry tractors
  • Mobile machines and devices
  • Work machines
  • Ambulances and medical vehicles identified with “Arzt Notfalleinsatz“ (Emergency Doctor)
  • Motor vehicles for the severely disabled whose disabled person’s passes are marked with “aG“, “H“ or “BI“
  • Vintage cars with an H sign or with a red “07 number“

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