Your FSSC 22000 Risk Assessment is needed

FSSC 22000 – Requirements in relation to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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we hereby inform you about the current requirements of the Scheme Owner FSSC 22000, which have been published due to Corona-Pandemic. The requirements can be found on the FSSC 22000 homepage ( under the following link:

FSSC 22000 categorizes the current situation as a "serious event" and requires in this context a risk assessment as well as a discussion with the companies, which are certified against FSSC 22000 and are affected or influenced by the pandemic.

The risk assessment includes the requirements of the document IAF ID 3:2011 and the CB Requirements in relation to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) published by FSSC 22000. The aim is to assess the organization`s actions in response to COVID-19 and to ensure that it has developed/ adjusted its procedures and operations to ensure continued compliance to the scheme and the supply of safe products.

For the risk assessment and the interview, a total effort of 4h is needed, for which we charge a flat rate of 750.00 EURO.

The risk assessment and the report based on the interview have to be uploaded in the FSSC portal by June 1, 2020 the latest.

The risk assessment and the subsequent discussion assess whether the certificate can be maintained or may need to be suspended.

In case of a positive classification, the following results:

  1. The pending audit is a surveillance audit: Maintenance of the certification and postponement of the pending surveillance audit for a maximum of 6 months
  2. The pending audit is a re-certification audit: Extension of the current FSSC 22000 Version 4.1 certificate for a maximum of 6 months.
  3. The certification cycle remains as before, without postponements, independent of the type of audit: The risk assessment must also be conducted, if the upcoming audit is not postponed. If an audit will take place at your site by 15.05.2020, the topics required for the risk assessment will be discussed during the on-site audit. In all other cases a discussion will be necessary.

The risk assessment is based on the information you provide to your auditor. In preparation for the discussion, please fill in the formsheet A22F242e FSSC 22000 Risk Assessment Part 1 for each location/ site of your company, and return the documents to the mailbox by 24.04.2020 at the latest.

The formsheet can be downloaded below at the end of the text.

In preparation for the interview with the auditor, please have the following documents available:

  • Emergency plan in relation to the Corona Pandemic
  • Impact analysis and evaluation of the impact of the corona pandemic
  • If applicable, list of subcontractors including the processes that are carried out there
  • Changes in the HACCP concept since the last audit
  • Last management review,
  • Status with regard to objectives and key process performance
  • Date of last internal audit; overview of audit planning (FSSC 22000 expects that organizations increase the frequency of internal audits
  • Overview of open compliance activities
  • Overview of current complaints, returns/ recalls

The auditor of the last audit will contact you at short notice to make an appointment for the interview. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Nahrmann or the auditor.

Yours sincerely,

Your Food Germany team


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Download formsheet for Risk Assessment FSSC 22000

The risk assessment form is available for you to download here. Please fill it out for each company location and send it back to

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