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Important information on MSC Standard - Labour Audit Requirements


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The MSC CoC Standard has changed, and will be the basis for all MSC audits as of 28.09.2019. We informed you of this in the email dated 27.05.2019. Under the new version of the MSC traceability standard, we are now also obliged to perform a risk assessment for your company. This risk categorisation is performed on a one-time basis, and then subsequently checked on a regular basis within the framework of the on-site audits to ensure that it is up to date.

According to the standard owner, it is mandatory that this risk assessment must be performed before September, 28th 2019. The purpose of the risk assessment is to determine whether in addition to the MSC audit a labour law audit needs to be performed. If after our Evaluation of your Risk Assessment a Labour Audit is needed, you have time until September 28th of 2020 to perform this Labour Aduit in Addition to the MSC/ ASC Audit.  Accepted external Labour Law Programms are: SA8000, BSCI, or SEDEX SMETA.

If the implementation deadline for the Risk Assessment is not met, this would lead to a major non-conformity. We would like to avoid this, and therefore kindly ask you to complete the attached questionnaire for determining the risk class of your company, and to return it signed in PDF format by September, 1st 2019, to the following email address

If a location or subcontractor does not fullfill the requirements of the MSC Third-Party Labour Audit Requirements, we must be informed within two days after discovery.

The risk assessment performed by us generates an additional one-time cost of 160 EUROS, which will be invoiced together with the next regular audit. The background and procedure for the potential labour law audits can be found via this link to the corresponding documents from the MSC:

MSC Third-party Labour Audit Requirements Version 1.0

The change in the MSC standard has an impact on your existing certification contract. To maintain your contract, you will receive a separate letter with an additional agreement within the next few days.

Best regards,

Volker Ingwersen


Technical Responsible MSC/ ASC

Formsheet Risk Assessment

Please return the filled in formsheet until September 1st, 2019 to the above mentioned mail-adress. Thank you. .

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Information on the MSC Labour Audit Requirements

MSC informs you about the background and procedures regarding Labour Audits.

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MSC CoC Summary of Changes 2019 Download

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The new MSC CoC Standards

The new versions of the MSC CoC Default V5, MSC CoC CFO V2 sowie MSC CoC Group V2 can be found in the download area on this website.

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