Scope of the Symposium Since 1998 TÜV NORD has been organizer of various symposia dedicated to the “Release of Radioactive Material from Regulatory Control”. During the previous international symposium in Berlin in 2017 more than 130 clearance experts were welcomed to contribute to the discussions of this issue, which due to huge decommissioning projects moves in the focus of public interest. These interchanges of experience help to optimize release procedures and to reduce the amount of radioactive waste. In November 2022, we would like to continue the fruitful exchange of experience. From the very beginning in 1998, the symposia have followed up the change of international regulation and guidelines in the area of clearance. Currently, the new IAEA Safety Guide DS500 on the “Application of the concept of clearance” is in the process of endorsement and will update and supersede the previous Safety Guide RS-G-1.7 “Application of the concept of Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance”. Considering this highlighted starting point, we invite you, as interested experts from many countries, to continue the exchange of experience, expertise and information in the field of clearance. TÜV NORD will organize a symposium, which is intended to take place on 15th - 17th November 2022 in the Crowne Plaza Congress Hotel in Frankfurt. We would be pleased to welcome you to the Get Together on the evening of the 14th November 2022. General Symposium Arrangements The symposium will consist of oral and poster presentations selected from submitted abstracts by the Programme Committee. All oral presentations are planned to be given in plenary sessions. Each presentation is intended to be 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion. Poster presentations are also planned as an equal part of the symposium programme. It is planned that proceedings will be available at the beginning of the symposium. If you are interested in submitting a paper and/or a poster, in attending this symposium, or in participating as an exhibitor, please provide details on the attached Reply Form. In addition to the symposium programme a technical exhibition will take place in the lobby.



14th November 2022

19.00 - 22.00 Pre-Registration and Get Together at the Industrial Exhibition

Day 1, 15th November 2022

9.00 Registration

TÜV NORD Akademie, Germany

10.00 Welcome/Opening Remarks

J. Aign, TÜV NORD EnSys, Germany

G. Kraus, Hessian Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Germany

Section A: Overview of national and international framework

10.20 The new International Guidanceon Clearance - IAEA Perspective

V. Ljubenov, IAEA

10.50 International Perspectives on Clearance and Characterization for Clearance of Materials

A. Larsson, CYCLiFE, Sweden

11.20 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition

11.50 Overview of Regulation and Practices for Exemption and Clearance in Japan

H. Ogino, NRA Japan

12.20 The Current Status of Clearance in Sweden

H. Efraimsson., SRSA, Sweden

12.50 Lunch Break

14.00 Clearance - a clear Story

J. Feinhals, Germany

14.25 Spanish Strategies on Clearance of Radioactive Materials from NPPs

M. de Toro, CSN, Spain

14.50 Qualification and Training Needs for an Expert on Clearance on an International Scope

S. Müller, TÜV NORD EnSys, Germany

15.15 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition

Section B: Derivation of Clearance Levels

15.45 Derivation of Specific Clearance Levels for Materials Suitable for Recycling, Reuse or Disposal in Landfills

A. Lagumdzija, S. Dhlomo, G. Bruno, V. Ljubenov, IAEA

16.05 Clearance levels for C-14 and H-3 for the specific clearance related to incineration

O. Nitzsche, Brenk, Germany

16.25 Probabilistic study deriving nuclide-specific surface-clearance levels for the normal reuse of objects leaving the controlled area of a nuclear facility

T. van Dillen, RIVM, Netherlands

16.45 Wrap up Discussion of the Day

17.30 End of the 1st day

19.00 - 22.00 Evening Event

Day 2, 16th November 2022

Section C: Technical Aspects / Measurement Techniques

9.00 Improved Clearance Verification Applied to Real Data from a Real Site

R. A. Meck, SaTS, United States

09.20 Automation of clearance measurements

B. Weinhorst, Safetec, Germany

09.40 On the use of collimators in gamma ray spectrometry

H.-J. Lange, Mirion, Germany

10.00 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition

10.30 Basic Study on the Radioactivity Evaluation of Control Panels

T. Yoshii, SNRA, Japan

10.50 Development of Measurements Methods used for Release of Radioactive Materials in Accordance with Clearance Levels

D. Gurau, Horia Hulubei, Romania

11.10 The impact of decommissioning strategy and measurement techniques on the clearance volume at the dismantling of NPP

A. Filby, GRS, Germany

11.30 Improvements in measuring equipment for final radiological survey for the release of buildings

S. Wörlen, Brenk, Germany

11.50 Wrap up Discussion of the Morning

12.20 Lunch Break

Section D: Technical Aspects / Characterisation

13.40 Use of a standard nuclide vector for clearance of material

R. Kunz, Brenk, Germany

14.00 Radiological Characterization in Clearance at Barsebäck NPP

N. Markovic, UNIPER Bärseback, Sweden

14.20 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition

Section E: Specific Clearance

15.00 Conditional Clearance in Switzerland - Theory vers. Practice

R. Stroude, BAG, Switzerland

15.30 Implementation of unconditional release and landfill disposal in Belgium

S. Boden, SCK CEN, Belgium

15.50 Safe Clearance of Metals for Recycling to the Conventional Industry

A. Larsson, CYCLIFE, Sweden

16.10 Experiences in the control and monitoring of releases and clearance of wastes from the Centre of Isotopes of Cuba

Z. H. Amador Balbona, CoI, Cuba

16.30 "Wrap-up Discussion of the Afternoon


17.15 End of the 2nd Day

18.00 Evening Event

Day 3, 17th November 2022

Section F: Clearance Process

09.30 Clearance process during ND&D of Barsebäck NPP

M. Persson, UNIPER Bärseback, Sweden

09.50 Clearance Procedures within the A1 NPP Decommissioning Project

M. Listjak, VUJE, Slovakia

10.10 Methodology for Clearance of Oil-based Muds Originating from Oil Industry

A. Savidou, NCSRD, Greece

10.30 Coffee Break / Industrial Exhibition

11.00 Clearance of remediation materials in Austria – Experience report of an expert

V. Grill, AGES, Austria

11.20 Clearance of burnable waste produced at CERN

R. Harbron, CERN

11.40 Clearance of material irradiated in CERN’s LEP accelerator - Example of the collimators

K. Bauer, CERN

12.00 Wrap up Discussion of the Morning

12.30 Lunch Break

Section G: Release of Sites and Buildings

13.30 Preliminary determination of the activation profile of the containment walls at the Barsebäck NPP

Ü. Ören, UNIPER Bärseback, Sweden

13.50 Clearance of land areas at the Risø nuclear site in Denmark

J. Søgaard-Hansen, DEKOM, Denmark

14.10 Release of buildings from regulatory control outside the nuclear industry – an example of a nuclear laboratory

S. Wörlen, Brenk, Germany

14.30 Challenges and plans for NPP site release in Slovakia

T. Hrncír, JAVYS, Slovakia

14.50 Closing Remarks

15.00 End of the Symposium


The symposium is directed towards scientists, engineers, technicians and lecturers in the field of radiation protection or whose tasks require knowledge in this area. It will be of interest not only to radiation protection and nuclear safety representatives in companies and other organizations, and health and safety specialists, but also to public authorities, independent experts and inspectors, applicants for planning permissions in the field of atomic energy and others with related site responsibilities.


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