15 minutes with Mr. Reddy

Today we have a short interview with Mr. Reddy as Head of OBS Food. He has long been an integral part of TÜV NORD but there may be things which you do not know about him. The first issue of OBS Food Newsletter is reason enough to take a look back and to look into the future of our OBS as well. 

V.S. Reddy

Dear Mr. Reddy, please tell us: Since when are you working for TÜV and which development have you been seeing since then?

I have been with TUV NORD since 18 years. Though it’s a long time, it seems short. During these years many things have transformed. Me as an individual, company and things around me.

I joined RWTUV and after merger with TUV NORD, we are a bigger and stronger company. We have expanded our portfolio of services and have a large customer base now. I have seen changes in company right from being a German company to being an international company, adaptation of IT tools and since few years a clear vision to be a key player using Digitalization and Innovation as our base to position our company.

The above changes of transformation of TUV NORD was also a great learning for me and part of my transformation. This is a key reason for me to be happy with TUV NORD.

What have been your career steps so far outside and inside TÜV NORD?

I started as an Auditor and an Engineer. This was a great position for me as being an auditor you meet and see so many organizations and have a very good understanding of business and risks.

From here I become a regional manager for an important region in TUV India. My education in engineering and MBA helped me to understand the needs better.

From there I was oriented into a group management program for a whole year in Essen, Germany. I had the task to getting myself oriented to RWTUV to understand what we can do and what products we have. This was an eye opener to me as I realised we have technical capabilities in every field of engineering and such a wide portfolio. This was a good platform to get back to region Asia Pacific and head Certification and strategy.

With growth of the region we had to regionalize south east Asia and I was assigned as Regional manager. Now with OBS structure in place, I took responsibility as OBS Manager for Food and Agriculture.

What would you say are the biggest challenges we face for the next years and what is your vision?

I clearly see that the challenges we face will be on our ability to meet customer and market demands. I clearly see a challenge of Technical resource development within OBS to meet fast changing safety needs in food and agriculture. The skill sets are changing very fast. We also have mass adaptation of IT solutions in the complete value chain of food and agriculture, to solve specific needs such as identification, traceability, risk communication, product recall, adulteration etc. we need to be a part of this digital solution.

Can you tell us a secret about yourself?

I love technology and use many gadgets. BUT I still type a keyboard with one finger.

Thank you very much for talking to us.