In times of digitalization, information security represents a decisive risk factor for the automotive industry, but also a competitive factor. This is why the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) testing and exchange procedure was developed. TÜV NORD CERT is in the final stadium to become an official TISAX-accredited audit provider and can already carry out TISAX assessments. Presently TÜV NORD CERT is receiving customer inquiries for TISAX assessments almost every day of which around 50 percent are coming from abroad.

What is TISAX?

The large German automotive groups (VW, BMW and Daimler-Benz) are increasingly asking their suppliers to provide proof of a TISAX label. Other countries are expected to follow. To obtain a TISAX label, automotive suppliers must prove every three years that they meet the necessary criteria for information security in their industry. The basis for this is the ISA catalogue of requirements developed by the VDA (ISA stands for Information Security Assessments). It is based on essential aspects and criteria of the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard and also includes special catalogues of criteria for the automotive sector. On top of this there is a well thought-out testing and exchange process. The TISAX online platform enables participants to exchange assessment data while facilitating contact between participants and test service providers. TISAX is operated under the auspices of the VDA and is managed by the ENX Association, which monitors the quality of the performance and the results of assessments. TÜV NORD CERT has now been approved by ENX for processing TISAX requests and assessment procedures. On the TISAX homepage we are listed under the term "Audit Providers".

How do I become a TISAX auditor?

Any auditor or audit leader can be appointed as TISAX auditor who, in addition to a valid appointment for ISO 27001, can demonstrate appropriate TISAX training. The first training sessions took place in Essen, with participants from Europe as well as North and South America. Another course followed in Bangkok in mid-January. Participants from Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and the Philippines took part. The training sessions were very well received by the participants. Many questions were asked and interesting discussions took place. Further trainings will follow shortly. All details regarding the promotion to TISAX Audit Manager and the maintenance of competence will be explained at these. After consultation with the accreditor, the necessary "automotive competence" can also be acquired by participating in TISAX audits. 

Die Teilnehmenden des TISAX Trainings in Essen
The participants of the training in Bangkok

Please promote TISAX among your customers, consultants and also your freelance colleagues. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following persons: Holger Hoffmann, Dr. Hermann Saalfeld, Frank Lürkens and Uwe Spindler. For international sales matters please contact Dr. Gerhard Dreier and Felix Rehbein.

Further information about TISAX can be found here: