Motor vehicle drives

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  • Motorenstraße 1a, 99734 Nordhausen

adapt engineering conducts inspections of on-road / off-road motor vehicle engines (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction machines), as well as certification in collaboration with testing organisations e.g. for single entity approvals (single entity operating licenses).

Examples of what we offer:

  • Optimisation (application) of engine management and after-treatment of exhaust gases systems – input data and capturing of measured value
  • Measurement of oil consumption, coolant inspections, benchmark tests, ATL inspections 
  • Endurance, stability and deterioration runs, thermal shock tests, free acceleration
  • Disassembly and diagnosis of building components (endoscopy)
  • Deployment of disengagable clutches
  • Measurements with two-line exhaust gas measurement technology for capturing exhaust gas components before and subsequent to after-treatment of exhaust gases
  • Inspections carried out on systems for after-treatment of exhaust gases (DPF, SCR, catalysts)
  • Retrofitting of motor vehicle engines to alternative fuels
  • Accomplishment of stationary and transient (dynamic test) testing: e.g. the NRSC, NRTC, RMC, ESC and ETC worldwide and European harmonised transient driving cycles; smoke cycle test
  • Test benches with intake air conditioning
  • Fuel and oil analyses