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We are innovators for the future made possible with the greatest diversity in testing and measurement technologies. With us our customers experience fast and flexible implementation through close customer proximity and extensive expertise.

Our testing and measurement Technology:

  • 15 engine test benches of 14 to 1200 KW (with program control and measuring system with data acquisition)
  • Latest measurement technology for exhaust emissions, smoke and particles (NOx, NO, NH3, SO2, CH2O, HC, CH4, CO, CO2, O2)
  • Partial flow dilution system for particulate matter
  • Measurement technology that is Particulate Measurement Program (PMP)-compliant for the particle count
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) analysers for non-limited exhaust components
  • 16-channel combustion pressure fluctuation monitoring and analysis system
  • Blackening rate measuring device / Opacimeter
  • Fuel consumption measurement and conditioning
  • Air mass measurement and conditioning
  • Vibration measurement and analysis system
  • Fuel injection pump test stands
  • Blow-by measurement technology
  • Spiral duct test stand
  • Etc.

Engine test benches by adapt engineering:

Test benchBrake typeMaximum performanceMaximum torqueMaximum revolution speed
4xAsynchronous (transient) 650 kW 4300 Nm 7500 U/min
4xHydraulic 1200 kW7500 Nm7500 U/min
3x Direct current 265 kW1015 Nm3000 U/min
1xAsynchronous320 kW1530 Nm5000 U/min
1xEddy current160 kW 382 Nm9500 U/min
2xGenset test brench, poer-shifting (˄ 1kW)1200 kW

Fuel supply:

  • Diesel fuel EN 590 (also enjoys tax privileges)
  • Special fuels (certification fuel, FAME, …)
  • Natural gas up to 3MW (800 mbar)
  • Synthetic biogas (own mixing plant)
  • Hydrogen Propane

Conditioning of intake air:

  • Preparation of combustion air or temperature and moisture as the case may be (T=20...30°C±1°C; f=20...50%±2,5%)

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