Newsletter No. 10 | July 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The restructuring of our Business Unit Industrial Services into an international, customer-focussed organisation is in full swing, and it is the logical and necessary consequence of developments within the market environment. Digitisation and globalisation are changing the value creation processes of our client sectors permanently and irreversibly, competition in the markets is becoming more intense, and the needs and requirements of our customers are ever more central to our activities.

With this reconciliation of interests agreement, which is being signed by all parties, the last condition for implementation has been fulfilled.

This means that the second phase of the BOLD MOVE project has now been officially released, and the launch marks the fixing of the future global management structures. At the upper management level below the Business Unit managers, nomination of the OBS managers and the manager of the Competence Cluster Conventional Power Plants has established the final responsibilities within the OBS structure. In contrast to our previous intention to establish a separate OBS for the areas of Health and the Environment – and in very close cooperation with the bodies mentioned above and the top managements of the relevant legal entities TÜV NORD Umweltschutz GmbH & Co. KG and MEDITÜV GmbH & Co. KG – we have decided in favour of a different solution. The Environment sector will mostly be integrated into the OBS Renewables, whilst Health will be mainly represented in OBS Buildings. Only the X-Ray technology business will in future be assigned to OBS Nuclear. As a result of this reallocation, the global specialist knowledge and resources of TÜV NORD GROUP can be used in the most efficient way and directed towards the requirements of our markets.

You can view the future OBS structure here. The OBS Buildings, Manufacturing Technology and Process Technology and the Competence Cluster Conventional Power Plants will be officially introduced on 1 January 2019 as planned and their status of “OBS Outstanding” will then no longer apply.

We will provide binding information about the structure of the lower management levels, including naming of the Profit Center Cluster and Profit Center managements, by the end of August. You can already view the future organisational structures, with PC Clusters and PCs (without names of individuals), by following this Link.

In the next step, you will be personally informed by your management by the end of August regarding your individual position within the OBS structures and the manager who will be responsible for you.

The BOLD MOVE project does not affect the central Finance and Human Resources departments, the Technical Center or any of the Corporate Centers.

If you have any questions at the present time, please contact your current line manager or the BOLD MOVE project team – Kathrin Warstat, Lucyna Kleinostendarp and Conrad Neumann.

With kind regards,

Dr. Ralf Jung    Silvio Konrad     Ulf Theike




New OBS-structure, valid from 01. January 2019 

OBS overview

Managerial structure


We introduce: Savvas Peltekis - nominated OBS manager process technology


Savvas Peltekis was born in Rethymno in Crete. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and since then – for 30 years now – has worked at TÜV NORD in the quality area.


For 20 years Savvas Peltekis has been part of the management team at TÜV HELLAS, currently with the role of Managing Director. He sees a great opportunity in the customer-focussed approach which BOLD MOVE creates for his company.

“The portfolio can be expanded in the international sectors and new areas of business can be opened up. It is important that we all support each other so we can offer our clients the entire spectrum of services from BU Industrial Services all over the world – and in future we can create enormous added value as a one-stop shop. BOLD MOVE creates the right motivation and a strong incentive to approach all sectors of the market on an international basis.”

TÜV HELLAS was strongly involved in the BOLD MOVE pilot phase with the OBS Food, Renewables and System Certification, and from the start of 2019 there will be further expansion with the OBS Process Technology, Manufacturing and Buildings.

“The comprehensive expertise of our individual members of staff on site and our broad portfolio were key factors in the success of TÜV HELLAS, whose immediate market is very limited. These resources will now be shared throughout the world because of BOLD MOVE.

BOLD MOVE is an ongoing process of getting to know and learning from one another and is already developing in a very positive direction.” The enhanced communication and support between the regions not only makes it possible to open up new areas of business, but also provides access to development, distribution and new services and standards such as ISO 37001, from which not only Greece, but also the global business units can profit.




BUIS/GBIS-VA-001 - First process instruction has been reworked - a chat with Wiebke Jasper and Robert Wernicke

Documented procedures serve to regulate processes in the organisation and continually improve the quality of our services. Documented procedures with different levels of detail exist for all legal entities within Business Unit Industrial Services according to their requirements.

Procedure BUIS/GBIS-VA-001 was created at the beginning of the BOLD MOVE project. It regulates the use of the new customer-focussed organisation matrix for processes within the BU Industrial Services, taking other relevant rules and guidelines into consideration. This is a new development to the extent that the BU Industrial Services is a virtual organisational structure and not in itself a legal entity. “We wanted to create an understandable and compact documented procedure as a basic set of rules for the new structures, which provides the BOLD MOVE project with a basic framework of action.” says Wiebke Jasper, Division Head of the Legal Department at TÜV NORD AG.

As you probably know, within the new organisation matrix a difference is made between the legal structure at the company level and the operative structure of the newly-defined SBS, OBS, Competence Clusters, Profit Center Clusters and Profit Centers.

In BUIS-GBIS-VA-001, the basic cooperation and corresponding responsibilities in the new virtual structure are described. In this context, too detailed rules were intentionally waived – e.g. the basic principles from the documented procedure are only made specific within the operative planning processes of the individual OBS. There is a strong emphasis on communication between the OBS managers and the managers of the legal entities, as the OBS management carries the strategic and operative responsibility, while the individual companies and their Management boards continue to bear the responsibility in the legal sense.

Procedure BUIS/GBIS-VA-001 was revised and fine-tuned at the beginning of 2018, building on the experiences of the last 1.5 years. A revised version was published on 1 April 2018. (LINK)

“At the end of 2017during the General Managers Meeting, workshops were carried out with key users of BUIS/GBIS-VA-001 on subjects such as accreditation and sales. The results from these workshops and also experiences gathered in recent months from the current processes of service provision were included in the revision”, says Dr. Robert Wernicke, Head of the Management Systems area of TÜV NORD Systems.

Basically, points regarding accreditation and sales were added. If, during the business process, requirements or effects arise with regard to accreditations, notifications or recognitions, the further procedure is to be agreed between the OBS management, the company management on site and the accreditation management.

Responsibility for sales will in future lie in the operative area with the OBS management. The management will be supported by the Corporate Center Strategic Sales & Marketing, which will provide strategic guidance and methodological support to TÜV NORD Systems throughout all the BUs. “Procedure BUIS/GBIS-VA-001 addresses many questions which could arise in the course of the structural transformation. It is therefore relevant for all those working in our business unit”, concludes Dr. Robert Wernicke.


Planning process for BU IS - Frank Lüdeking informs

In order to ensure success over the long term, the Management Board needs information and key indicators about the future. These are focussed on the strategic objectives and the organisational structures that are directed towards them.

When structural changes such as our BOLD MOVE project are to be undertaken, new planning processes become necessary in order to reflect the changed conditions.

In Phase II of BOLD MOVE, Operative Business Segments (OBS) with joint turnover of almost 300 M€ will be newly introduced. This corresponds to around 60% of the total turnover of the BU Industrial Services. Whilst the OBS of Phase I in Germany were already quite clearly differentiated from one another in terms of company or organisational structures, in Phase II the actual core of the traditional industrial business will be transferred. In TNS in Germany, this is structured on a regional basis, so that in the Planning for 2019 it is not possible to rely on comparative values from previous periods.

In the new organisational matrix, the authority profile of the regional managers, who were up to now mainly responsible for regional turnover planning, is no longer present. Therefore this year the PC managers will be more strongly involved in the planning process than in the past. This step will simplify the downstream processes and increase the transparency of the whole planning process. The process has been comprehensively revised and adapted, so that the new OBS managers can take stronger strategy initiatives at the OBS level.

As planning takes place before actual implementation, in some cases it takes effect before other important processes. For example, in parallel with running decision processes within the framework of the balancing of interests, important preparatory measures In the Controlling process have already been introduced for the period after 1 January 2019. The managers responsible for the planning for the BU Industrial Services have recently been informed in writing about the new planning procedures.

“Because of the transition to the new system, in some sectors we are expecting greater deviations from the planned figures than we have known in previous years. This is normal in the case of such restructuring. The deviations will compensate for each other overall”, says Frank Lüdeking, Head of Finance and Human Resources at the BU IS.

Over the long term, the new organisational structure will enable a high level of standardisation within the OBS. This will make processes, such as the planning process within an ever more global organisation simpler, faster and less expensive for everyone.

The operative units will receive support from the central functions over the long term and therefore the central functions have already been strengthened and augmented by competences such as IT project management.  




Direct dialogue with the project team means positivity

You know the BOLD MOVE project and you know that it is about internationalisation and customer focus. But what about the work behind the scenes? What are the daily challenges to be faced by the team around
Ralf Jung so that everything can run smoothly and potentials used to the best advantage?

The project team for BOLD MOVE, consisting of Kathrin Warstat as deputy team leader alongside Conrad Neumann and Lucyna Kleinostendarp, analyses the existing framework conditions and creates concepts for introduction of a customer-focussed organisational structure in the BU Industrial Services. When considering special topics, such as development of strategies, it was also able to call upon the support of external services, such as business consultancy Santiago.

It is very important to retain the many good things in the current structure. However, in other areas, the restructuring means that the Business Unit will be in a better position than in the past. A vital key to this is closer cooperation with our international companies in future. The structural transformation offers a variety of solutions to meet challenges which are essentially similar but which arise in different markets – so the management structure means that individual solutions can be found for international clients.

In the first phase, communication of the project focussed strongly on the international business. Only since the transition of the pilot OBS into regular operation on 01.06.2017 have the communication measures also reached colleagues in Germany to any considerable extent. In addition to the Newsletter, BOLD MOVE was regularly presented at managers’ meetings, and focus groups and workshops have also taken place in order to gather feedback from different interest groups.

At the end of last year, BOLD MOVE was intensively discussed with the workforce for the first time – within the framework of a works meeting. This format was so popular that the members of the project team were afterwards invited to one location after another in order to talk about and answer questions on BOLD MOVE. Venues included employee meetings, area meetings, regional meetings and many other events in order to convey this extremely important strategic project to colleagues personally and in the best possible way. In-depth conversations and discussions arose from this, questions could be considered and worries and anxieties addressed. The direct contact with members of the BOLD MOVE project team was very much appreciated by colleagues and was considered to be extremely helpful.

One thing became clear: alongside a great deal of interest and curiosity, there was also a high level of fear and uncertainty. Colleagues simply did not know enough about the project. However, it was possible to provide the missing information during the project events, to provide precise and detailed answers to questions and of course also accept ideas and suggestions.




Advance notice as from October 2018 we will involve all staff of BU Industrial Services personally in the Go-Live activities of the BOLD MOVE project. We invite you most warmly to engage with the core messages of BOLD MOVE in a series of events and workshops and to develop specific ideas as to how these messages can be lived out in our organisation on a long term and sustainable basis. This means that, as participants, you will be prepared for the structural and cultural transformation of BOLD MOVE, and you will get off to a good start within the new customer-focussed organisation. #staytuned more thing... OBS news


Second important order from Deutsche Telekom

OBS System Certification has already succeeded in winning its second important order from Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications company. TÜV NORD CERT was able to recognise the mobile communications network of Deutsche Telekom according to the “TÜV Service Check: Best mobile network quality according to QvK standard” in November last year, within the framework of a very complex certification procedure. Now, the conventional telephone network has also been inspected and certified. The quality comparison from the customer point of view was based on more than 175,000 evaluated datasets and led to the result: “TÜV Service Check: Best fixed network – voice – according to QvK standard.”

TÜV NORD CERT certifies npower UK

npower is one of the leading energy companies in Great Britain and part of the Innogy Group, in turn one of the major gas and electricity suppliers in Europe. In April 2018, OBS System Certification won an important order concerning services up to the end of 2019 for npower customers who have to fulfil the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

TÜV NORD Qualicontrol wins Repsol order

In May, Repsol S.A., the leading market supplier of petrol and diesel in Spain, commissioned OBS System Certification with certification according to SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability). SQAS is a standard from the European Chemical Industry Council and assesses the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of logistics service providers.

Acquisition of m. dudde Hochfrequenztechnik

The company m. dudde hochfrequenztechnik from Bergisch Gladbach has been operating under new ownership since 1 January 2018 as TÜV NORD Hochfrequenztechnik. For more than 30 years, m. dudde has been testing radio communication systems and equipment which falls within the scope of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED, formerly R&TTE). The acquisition means that customers can now have all the major features of modern equipment both tested and certified. TÜV NORD has been a successful provider of product testing and certification services for many years, and the new company TÜV NORD Hochfrequenztechnik offers both national and international certification on a global basis.

Large contract with Deutsche Post AG

OBS System Certification Germany has entered into a further large contract with an existing client: In February 2018 Deutsche Post AG ordered recertification according to ISO 9001 and the TÜV NORD Service Quality Standard for 54 locations in Germany.


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