Newsletter No. 11 | September 2018



Dear Colleagues, 

We are in the middle of the second phase of the BOLD MOVE project. We now feel the change in the three big OBS and the future OBS - Buildings, Manufacturing Technology and Process Technology - as well as in the Competence Cluster Conventional Power Plants. We have harmonized future OBS responsibilities with regard to our customers and our services. We have also reorganized the organisational affiliation of all employees with the aforementioned units. Executives will have worked out and finalized the finishing touches in joint team workshops by the end of October.

We would like to inform you on the process steps and decisions of these past weeks. With this eleventh edition of the BOLD MOVE Newsletter, we provide answers to relevant current issues and provide an outlook on the coming steps. Please take this edition again as an opportunity to maintain a direct dialogue.

Please contact us, your managers or the BOLD MOVE project team - Kathrin Warstat, Lucyna Kleinostendarp, Conrad Neumann - with your topics.  

Yours sincerely,

Ralf Jung   Silvio Konrad   Ulf Theike




In the last edition of the BOLD MOVE Newsletter, we had already provided an overview of the OBS management structures. In the meantime, we have been able to fill many management functions. With the following organisational charts we would like to give you the current intermediate status.

Details OBS overview


New nomenclature for OBS denominations

Structural changes do not stop at SAP systems, thus we have introduced new abbreviations for all OBS as well as the Competence Cluster Conventional Power Plants to be used in Business Warehouse (BW) and other SAP components.


Based on the English titles, we have determined the following OBS denominations in the SAP systems:


We introduce: V.S. Reddy – new Head of OBS Food


As of September 1st, 2018 Vinta Srinivas Reddy has become head of OBS Food (Food and Agriculture).

His great interest in other cultures, working habits as well as attitudes towards life had a big influence on V.S. Reddy’s career. Born in India, he lived also in Australia during his studies for Mechanical Engineering, after which he decided on Management Master Studies, focusing on cultural and organisational development.

He further deepened his


understanding for different cultures after starting his career with TUV India in 2003. For a management training, he lived in Essen for a year where he got insight into various business units. With his subsequent function within System Certification with TUV Asia Pacific, he was able to contribute with his intercultural abilities in the collaboration with colleagues from different countries, to his personal as well as to the company’s benefit.

As Regional Manager Southeast Asia, Vinta Srinivas Reddy had management responsibility already prior the start of BOLD MOVE. When the first phase of BOLD MOVE was launched, he took on the role of Cluster Manager for System Certification, until he became Head of OBS Food as of September 1st, 2018.

“I firmly believe that BOLD MOVE is the right step to meet market requirements also in the future. TÜV NORD is a strong brand, with highly qualified experts and a large potential for success in the global market. Now it is a matter of establishing the right international processes.

We are quite new in the food and agricultural segments. However, we have already laid valuable foundations where we will now build on. There will be a strong focus on structured sales activities. BOLD MOVE focuses on customer needs, thus creating a clear orientation. Resources are being made easily available in the right places, and it is getting easier to react to customer requirements. Moreover, we start at a very good time. Change is coming from a strong, successful position and it is our goal to further developing it.

In particular, we must use the opportunity to learn from each other with regard to intercultural collaboration.“




Allocation system of customers and services

BOLD MOVE was created in order to make our company more customer-focused and more competitive. This means to establish more efficient processes, to offer our services where our customers worldwide need them and to provide them on short term and at reasonable costs with highly qualified staff. In one sentence: To create added value for our customers.

In order to achieve this, we needed to intervene into the structures that had existed and had been applied by us for many years. In the wake of BOLD MOVE, we have set up new business segments and re-assigned our customers according to their core business. We have followed internationally established industry codes in order to implement the allocation system consistently at a global level in the future.

Our services, too, have been allocated to the OBS, based on the object-material combinations.

Hence we get a sales perspective that shows which customers require which services in which region, thus making additional sales potentials visible.

The allocation systems will successively be deposited in the SAP systems of the BU IS companies. They will be available globally once the SmartTIC project is finalized.

The following chart serves as an illustration: 


You are certainly wondering how we are going to support our most important customers. In this respect we have had several intense coordination round tables with sales executives and OBS heads in the past weeks. We will give you details on this topic soon in a separate Sales Newsletter.




What about the BU IS manager’s meeting?

The BOLD MOVE communication considers many different changes and developments within Business Unit Industrial Services. We report on reconciliation round tables, decision making and responsibilities as well as the acting parties and involved committees. One of these committees is the international manager’s meeting of BU IS. Yet who exactly are members and guests of this committee and what are they discussing and deciding?

The strategic orientation of BU IS, its development, planning and not least also the securing of its implementation are the BU IS management’s responsibility. BU IS management’s framework for action is set by corporate guidelines, guiding principles, vision and mission. To comply with their responsibility, BU IS managers are conferring every four weeks on strategic matters as well as current developments in market cultivation and competitive environment. In addition, these meetings are being used to vote on concrete proposals and measures for the implementation of the strategic goals.

Participants of the BU IS Meeting are nominated by the TÜV NORD AG Executive Board and consist at present of the following representatives:

- BU IS Management Board – Ralf Jung, Silvio Konrad, Ulf Theike

- Astrid Petersen, Head of OBS Nuclear

- Mike Walter, Head of OBS Rail

- V.S. Reddy, Head of OBS Food/Agriculture

- Wolfgang Wielpütz, Head of OBS System Certification

- George Kechribaris, Regional Manager Middle East

Jun Ren, Regional Manager Greater China

- Manish Bhuptani, Regional Manager India

- Frank Lüdeking, Head of Business Unit Finances & Personnel


Permanent guests:

- Jörn Bruhn, nominated Head of OBS Manufacturing Technology

- Savvas Peltekis, nominated Head of OBS Process Technology

- Edwin Franken, nominated Head of OBS Buildings

- Michael Schuknecht, nominated Head of Competence
  Cluster conventional power plants

- Verena Schneider und Britta Schacht, substitutional for 
  OBS Renawables

Anatol Sendker, Head of Corporate Center Strategy

Important current business transactions, corporate matters, current finances, personnel matters, strategy and information for Corporate Communications are only some examples of topics that are regularly being discussed at these BU IS meetings.

One important goal of this BU IS meeting is to strengthen the collaboration of companies and strategic business sectors of the Business Unit and to make sure that there is an intense alignment with the goals of TÜV NORD Group. Consequently the BU IS Management Meeting is the link between BU IS and the Group.


Management Workshop

BU IS Management has invited executives to Hamburg to participate in a workshop on October 18th. Sectors Buildings, Process Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Conventional Power are preparing for the 1.1.2018. Goal of this meeting is to ensure a common understanding of the leadership culture, future processes and responsibilities.

We will inform you separately on the GO LIVE measures after the management workshop.  




Sales Newsletter 

The intense focus on customer needs under BOLD MOVE raises the question how exactly customer care and customer processing will look like in the new structure.

A newsletter focusing on sales topics will answer questions regarding structure, processes, services and support of operative sales. The newsletter by Corporate Center Sales will be published for the first time in October and will describe which sales measures have already been taken, which steps are being planned, with which changes the sectors will be confronted and which successes have already been achieved. more thing... news aus den OBS


OBS Food – worldwide certifications for food corporations

Dr. Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG has commissioned TÜV NORD CERT to become certified according to various standards. The certification scope includes ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, ISO 45001, RSPO, ASC/MSC, UTZ, QS, DZG/ AOECS gluten free, GFCP gluten free (US), IFS Food and BRC Food. These certifications will be performed at approx. 25 sites in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Poland), Asia (India), Africa (Johannesburg), South and North America (Sao Paulo, Lodi/New York, Toronto).


OBS Building – international collaboration leads to contract conclusion

TÜV NORD has won the order from KUMPORT to perform design reviews of lifts in China, and thus prevailed over various competitors. The customer is one of the leading providers for port management and logistics in Turkey. As a next step, new customers from this sector shall be acquired. This order was won as a result of the good collaboration between TÜV Teknik Kontrol ve Belgelendirme A.Ş. (Turkey) and TUV NORD (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. (China).


OBS Process Industry – Awarded for major order

Pharaonic Petroleum Company (joint venture BP and Egyptian Oil and Gas Authority) has commissioned TÜV NORD Egypt as Third Party Inspection TPI to perform technical inspections worldwide on imported materials and plant components for a new project in Egypt. The customer is responsible for the oil and gas production in the Nile Delta. 


Conventional Power Plants (CoC) – Extension of framework contract

The CoC was able to extend the framework contract with Evonik on safety-related services until the end of 2019 with improved hourly rates. The contracted services include e.g. safety concepts, safety-related assessments, explosion-proof documents, hazard assessments as well as safety-related consulting.



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