Newsletter No. 12 | December 2018


Dear Colleagues, 

“Paths are made by walking,” as the writer Franz Kafka said. With the BOLD MOVE project, we have embarked on a path to a customer-focused organization on an international level, and the project’s completion at the year’s end has brought us a big step closer to our goal. From January 1, 2019, all Operational Business Segments as well as the Competence Cluster Conventional Power Plants will have switched over to normal operation.

As this project comes to completion, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved. We would like to thank not only everyone who pushed the project implementation forward in both a personal and team effort, but also the managers and staff. We are aware of the effort involved in an organizational adjustment of this scale so far and in the future. Change is always linked with the unknown – in a company like TÜV NORD, for which safety is held in high esteem, this is surely a special challenge. For this reason we thank you for your patience, your understanding and for your continuing willingness to walk this path together with us. Let us continue this trustful collaboration in 2019.

We know that the transition phase at the start of the year comes with risks, but be sure to know that we are well prepared! Together, we will gain practice in dealing with the new structure, support each other and learn from one another. Cooperation is the motto of 2019.

With this twelfth BOLD MOVE newsletter, we are ending our centralized communication. Your managers are going to tell you in detail about the processes, structures, and responsibilities in the first weeks and months of the new year. We have included an overview for you of the communication steps that are currently in progress.

Yours sincerely,

Ralf Jung   Silvio Konrad   Astrid Petersen   Ulf Theike  

ps: Hold your BOLD MOVE cap in high esteem, there won't be another edition….;-)




Interview with Alejandro Perez Miranda (managing director of Cualicontrol in Spain)


As the BOLD MOVE-project is a rather larger change process to the existing structures of TÜV NORD, it not only has implications for the German business segments and entities but also for all global entities involved in the Business Unit Industrial Services. We headed out to talk about the changes taking place in the course of BOLD MOVE with Alejandro Perez Miranda, Managing Director of Cualicontrol, Spain to find out about the effects for him and Cualicontrol:


Q: Alex, when you took over General Management at Cualicontrol in August 2017, the company was in the need for changes and on top of that BOLD MOVE was already starting to be on the agenda. What was your motivation to take over responsibility as General Manager and to restructure Cualicontrol?

A: Challenges have always attracted me, as I am an ambitious and self-motivated person. I have always enjoyed setting myself very demanding goals and don’t stop until meeting them. That is the reason behind moving to London to work as strategy consultant right after University or changing Madrid for Essen later on to work for Dr. Stenkamp as TÜV NORD’s Head of International Business Development.

When I was offered the role as the Managing Director of Cualicontrol, I didn’t hesitate a minute. It is one of the most important subsidiaries of TÜV NORD and I didn’t want to see it in the wrong hands. Playing an important role in getting the company back on track in this very demanding phase seemed to me like the right thing to do.

Q: what has been the biggest challenge in the restructuring to you?

A: Time. We had to act quickly. Our intention was to preserve as much value of the Company as possible. In that sense, a quick restructuring was a must to avoid damaging the moral of our employees, especially those entitled to push the Company forward, our key employees. Besides, we had to prevent our competitors to take advantage of this situation.

Q: What influence has the BOLD MOVE project hat on this in terms of structure, staff and processes?

A: If you want to restructure successfully, you have to transform your business model and adapt it to this changing world. We have to turn Cualicontrol into something new. BOLD MOVE and its new and global approach is the right way to transform the Company for the better and to differentiate it from the competitors. Furthermore, it will make Cualicontrol a lot more attractive to the people we need. Open minded international and young management talents.

Q: How did you experience the support by the BOLD MOVE structure?

A: Changing the company to the new structure with innovative products, cross country projects and x-selling campaigns will be challenging. So far, I have experienced a wonderful support by the OBS-Heads; Jörn Bruhn, Savvas Peltekis, Edwin Franken and Wolfgang Wielpütz. They understood the Company’s special situation and supported me through the whole restructuring process, which was extremely valuable especially when fast-reaction and quick decision making was a critical factor. They are great sparring-partners and fine characters. This is so important in our “people’s business”.

Q: What implications on your strategy development has BOLD MOVE had?

A: BOLD MOVE itself and the support from the Service and Corporate Centers is making our strategy a lot more comprehensive. Its down-to-earth approach is less theoretical and a lot easier to communicate and execute. It is more like a tactical approach than an abstract theory. Ready to bring tangible results to the Companies in the short-medium term.

Q: What are the next steps for Cualicontrol?

A: Don’t relax and complete the transformation of Cualicontrol. I am fully convinced: BOLD MOVE will work out as a strategy for us all and turn Cualicontrol into a market leader again.



Assignment of services to the OBS

TÜV NORD Systems alone provides more than 3500 different services to its customers. If you look at GB IS-wide, we will soon break the barrier of 5000 services. In order to take account of the new customer-focused organisational structure also in terms of services, these were clearly assigned to the OBS. Not quite easy, since in many cases equivalent services were provided in several organisational units. Numerous coordination meetings have taken place in recent months and a solution has been found for all disputable cases. You can view the assignment now defined for TÜV NORD Systems and transferred to the SAP systems under the following link. In future, it will form one of the bases for controlling the operating business segments. In the course of the successive roll-out of SAP abroad and the introduction of SmartTIC, all GB IS companies will in future be transferred to a generally valid product structure



A personal comment on BOLD MOVE by Ingolf Gerling, PC-Cluster Manager „Middle & Eastern Germany“, OBS Buildings


“Finally we can get started! In close cooperation with their colleagues in the West and North, the team in Germany Middle & East will now do everything in its power to be more present at our clients' premises than before. The decisive advantage of BOLD MOVE will be that we will work on customer and topic focuses in a coordinated manner: for example, facility managers, hospitals, etc. with their relevant service portfolios tailored to the customers. Internally, we have high hopes that the new structure will make it easier and more efficient to


focus on specific topics and drive forward processes. We will actively support these projects".




Bold Move Business Cards

From January 1 ,2019, the new customer-focused organization of the Industrial Services department must also be reflected on our business cards. When ordering new business cards, please note the attached specifications (attachment) to ensure a uniform appearance.  



Summary of Specifications

Structural Additions Under the TÜV NORD Logo:

Many of the staff will need business cards with three additions, for example our experts. The additions under the logo for the SBS, OBS, and PC cluster vary by function.

Title Structure and Naming of Functions in the Right Language:

These functions are shown in German on the German side of the business card and in English on the English side. (The only exception: The Managing Director, SBS Manager, and OBS Manager use the English term for their function for both language versions).  


Update on Go Live Communication Actions

As announced already in the previous BOLD MOVE newsletter, we would like to tell you about the already implemented and planned communication measures for the business segments that are launching at the beginning of the year (Go Live).

The communication measures will be carried out in three steps:




Step 1: Information event on October 18, 2018, in Hamburg

The management and the BOLD MOVE team sent invitations for this event. There was much to tell, and individual topics were touched upon between the numerous presentations on the specific changes and transitions. In the practical portion of the event, the participants developed measures for integrating additional levels of management within the respective OBS, and swapped ideas on ways for the Operational Business Segments to work together.  


Even the event location reflected the huge changes. Instead of a typical conference room, the participants found themselves in distinctive retro chairs at the “erste liebe studios” (“first-love studios”) in Hamburg.

Step 2: The managers of OBSs and of PC Clusters develop their goals and priorities.

In the second step, the OBSs flesh out the practical implementation of the actions outlined at the event. Each OBS selects its own individual strategy for this. In the next section we would like to give you an overview of the actions for the individual segments.

Manufacturing Technology OBS:

On November 29 and 30, a transformation workshop took place in Hamburg to work together on the OBSs strategic orientation. The central participants were OBS Manager Jörn Bruhn and the PC Cluster managers. The team got active support from other OBS managers and from various central functions (Administration, Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Technology Center, and Accreditation Management). The following topics and issues got illuminated in more detail over the two days:

• Review of the past two years
• Status analysis and planning of the next communication steps with PC and
   SC managers and staff
• Prospects for the year 2022
• Leadership culture and principles  


OBS Process Technology:

Analogous to the Transformation Workshop of OBS Manufacturing Technology, the OBS Process Technology will conduct three management meetings at the start of the new year to tell the PC Cluster managers about all the relevant aspects. The planned communication actions will also be agreed on between the OBS management and the PC Cluster’s management. The dates are planned as follows:

• Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: January 29, 2019, in Hanover
• Middle East and North Africa: January 23 and 24, 2019, in Athens
• Asia Region: February 21 and 22, 2019, in Kuala Lumpur

OBS Buildings:

The OBS has chosen events, which specifically address the respective requirements of the individual clusters. In past and future workshops, the responsible parties develop the OBS identity on objective and emotional levels, as well as define processes, strategies, messages, and responsibilities:

• The North cluster on November 15, 2018, with the PC and
   Administration managers included
• The West cluster on November 26, 2018, with the PC and
   Administration managers included
• The Central & East cluster is scheduled for January 24, 2019

CoC Conventional Power Plants:

The competence cluster will put together the communication of actions for the second step on a date in January. An exact date is not yet set, but will be established in the short-term.

Step 3: Information for all staff in the new Operational Business Segments and the Competence Cluster Conventional Power Plants

As part of the third step during the first quarter of 2019, the managers will get all staff involved. During information events, new year receptions and other formats, they will explain the strategy initiatives, goals, priorities, and responsibilities, as well as any urgent technical questions. For this purpose, the managers will approach their immediate staff and announce the respective dates.


A personal comment on BOLD MOVE by Roger Verhoeven, PC-Cluster Manager „Germany West“, OBS Process Technology


“Right from the start it was important to me for our staff to get informed on the current status of the changes related to BOLD MOVE, so that we can prepare for the future together. An essential point here for me was to tell about the new personnel roles and responsibilities. Also the exchange with former and future customer relationship managers was especially important, in order to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, so that customers can continue to be served optimally.” more thing... news aus den OBS


OBS Buildings expands contract in Moscow

For years TÜV NORD has been checking the building of the German Embassy and the Regional Center for the Goethe Institute in Moscow. The involvement of the Construction Technology Department, and active discussions with the customer, managed to raise the order volume considerably. A testing procedure developed specially for the customer made it possible to improve the building’s fire resistance and interior air hygiene.

OBS System Certification wins Miele as a new customer

At sites in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, and China, TÜV NORD is undertaking monitoring and recertification for Miele under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 and SA8000. The auditing results will be made available through a SharePoint audit database in order to enhance administrative convenience for the customer.

OBS Process Technology concludes framework agreement with ADNOC

TÜV NORD was contracted by ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) as a third party inspection company in the area of quality assurance and quality control for material, equipment, and structures for upcoming offshore projects. In addition, TÜV NORD is certifying the customer’s lifting equipment. The new framework agreement has a duration of five years.     




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