7. Newsletter | October 2017

Ensuring the success of BOLD MOVE

Now that the five pilot OBS Rail, Renewables, Nuclear, Food/Agriculture and System Certification have been successfully transferred into regular operation, the focus is on the further OBS – and here in particular on the OBS Buildings, Manufacturing Technology and Process Technology. The transfer from the old to the new structure has been successfully completed for the pilot OBS. But in the case of the formerly mentioned OBS Buildings, Manufacturing Technology and Process Technology, our starting point (particularly in Germany) is more complex. To make sure that we reach an optimal level of operational efficiency while significantly strengthening our market cultivation activities in the new structure, we need to carry out some preparatory work. To give enough room for these activities as well as to effectively integrate involved stakeholders from our organization, the launch of the further OBS has been postponed until 1 January 2019. In this way we want to ensure that we can implement the new structure as smooth as possible and realize the benefits of the OBS structure to their fullest extent.

For the analyses to be carried out the project team is able to draw on the experience and expertise of employees from all levels of the business unit Industrial Services, and is also supported by the external consultancy Santiago Advisors.

The conversations with our colleagues have on the one hand demonstrated that the approach embodied in BOLD MOVE is seen as suitable to make a substantial contribution to the aims of Strategy 2020plus. On the other hand, they have also shown us where more room for improvement is expected. In the weeks to come we will use these as a starting point and, for example, further detail processes and interfaces that today are not yet clear enough. And we will also continue our dialogue with the people in the organisation. This is important for the BOLD MOVE project in order to identify new and interesting ideas which can be included in the project.

Have you noticed anything you would like to discuss or would you like to contribute something? Then don’t hesitate to contact us – the project team* – directly or simply send an email to info-bold-move@tuev-nord.de.  


A new project – thanks to intensive cooperation

One of the aims of BOLD MOVE is to improve international cooperation within TÜV NORD and increase the visibility of the company in the market. Recently, the OBS Rail has won the first major international contract for the business unit through well-coordinated cooperation between Indian, Chinese and German railway experts. The project consists of monitoring the construction of trains for the subway Delhi in the capital of India during production and the associated quality assurance. “I am very pleased that the new structures created by BOLD MOVE are showing positive effects and we have achieved a breakthrough in the Indian railway market”, says Yves Schoen, Managing Director of TÜV NORD Systems and Manager of the SBS Infrastructure.


Certified future

With BOLD MOVE the business unit Industrial Services is positioning itself to improve the fulfilment of customer needs and expectations, in particular with regard to services that are provided throughout the world. TÜV NORD Systems, as the lead company within the business unit Industrial Services, is following the right path from an organisational point of view. This has also been demonstrated by the successful certification according to ISO 9001 carried out by the certifier SQS. The processes in use fulfil or exceed the requirements of the standard with regard to quality, the environment and occupational health and safety. This is a vital prerequisite for best-possible work results and satisfied customers. “The new processes within the framework of BOLD MOVE and our new organisational structure also create the right conditions for successful certification in future”, says Klaus Berndt, Quality Management Representative of TÜV NORD Systems.



The four main motors of change – BOLD MOVE, sales, digitization and innovation only serve one goal: to further improve the competitive strength of the business unit Industrial Services. BOLD MOVE will create the organisational structure so that we can provide rapid, efficient and high-quality services in all business segments all over the world. In the area of sales, we will establish unified sales structures and processes and strengthen our relationships with clients. The aim of the digitization projects is to establish the business unit as a complete Security4Safety provider internationally. Innovation topics complete the activities of a modern business unit, providing process- and product-related optimisations and new developments. All of the four aspects are interlinked and we will use these initiatives to strengthen our business for the future.

With this in mind: Let’s move on!


Project Office BOLD MOVE

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OBS (Operative Business Segment)
SBS (Strategic Business Segment)

*Project team: Dr. Ralf Jung (Project Head), Kathrin Warstat, Lucyna Kleinostendarp, Sarah Flintz, Conrad Neumann