Connection Day SBS Resources4Life / Cluster Head Meetings of OBS System Certification and Food

The Connection Day of SBS R4L took place in the first week of November and was followed by Cluster Head Meetings of OBS System Certification and OBS Food in Abu Dhabi. Targets were to strengthen customer focus (according to BOLD MOVE), encourage personal exchange of best practices within OBS’s and support commitment for the respective OBS strategies.

Connection Day

SBS leader and host Ulf Theike opened the event and gave an overview of the business situation, current focus projects and success stories of SBS and the expected future positioning of OBS. This was followed by reports from the OBS system certification (Wolfgang Wielpütz) and the OBS Food (V.S. Reddy) on recently implemented measures, milestones achieved and planned developments. Together with Anatol Sendker from the Corporate Center Strategy and M&A, the new Strategy 2025 and the strategy process were presented and discussed. Ulf Theike was very satisfied with the results of the day: "The SBS Resources4Life shows strong growth and EBIT and is therefore an important pillar in the IS division. I am proud of the entire team that has achieved this success for GB IS and I am confident that the measures we have initiated will make us even more successful and innovative in the future".

The participants of the Connection Day in Abu Dhabi

Cluster Head Meetings OBS SC and OBS Food

The Cluster Head Meetings of OBS System Certification and OBS Food took place over the following two days. Based on the results of the previous day, the participants worked intensively on the content and concrete implementation of the intended strategic orientation of the respective OBSs until 2025. Wolfgang Wielpütz and V.S. Reddy sum up as follows: "We have created good conditions for continued growth in the coming years. In Abu Dhabi, we were able to work out concrete starting points derived from Strategy2025 and decide on appropriate initiatives and measures".