Cluster Manager Meeting in Essen

The nine OBS System Certification cluster managers met in Essen at the beginning of the second quarter for the first Cluster Managers Meeting since the official launch of BOLD MOVE. In addition to a presentation of the positive results of company-wide restructuring so far, the meeting focussed on sharing and planning further steps towards international cooperation and future success.

The cluster managers (from left to right): Haining Song, Jan Weinfurt, Shrikant Kulkarni, Shibu Davies, Udo Kubitz, Wolfgang Wielpütz, Edwin Franken, Sandra Gerhartz, Holger Hoffmann, Ralf Thomsen and V.S. Reddy.

Successful start for OBS SC

“Accelerate growth” is the strategic aim of the OBS System Certification (OBS SC) cluster, which was led by Wolfgang Wielpütz. And “growth” was already attained during the first three months. OBS SC succeeded in becoming even more profitable than had been planned.

Ulf Theike, Head of Resources for Life and Digitalisation in the Strategic Business Segment (SBS), opened the event with words of praise for OBS System Certification. He especially highlighted the strong start since 1 January 2017 and the positive results of the Industry and Services business sector. He spoke about the opportunities and risks of increasing digitalisation and reported on the developments in TÜV NORD as regards digitalisation. He handed over to Wolfgang Wielpütz, who gave an overview of OBS SC, went into some detail about communication within OBS SC, and presented the new international sales presentation for large customers, the new international OBS SC newsletter, and the new image brochure.

Each of the participants then reported on the current situation, successes, opportunities, and risks within their cluster and gave a comprehensive account of their work.

Reports from the project- and decisiongroups

Special attention was given to special projects which both require and promote international cooperation. The following project and decision-making groups gave reports: sales and marketing; innovation; management of accreditation and regulation; TÜV NORD test certificates. The two-and-a-half day meeting was rounded off with lectures by the OBS SC project and decision-making groups on IT processes, training, international project management, and climate protection.

Positive Feedback

“System certification is a fast-growing, reliable, and promising field of business. The OBS SC heads of cluster are experts with international experience, who are able to understand, analyse, and grow the market. That gives us the opportunity to strengthen the TÜV NORD brand, expand our portfolio, and increase turnover,” according to Shibu Davies of TÜV Middle East, who was invited to take part in the OBS SC Cluster Managers Meeting as a guest representing the Middle East region.