Maintenance and Service Planning

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Building Value Retention

A member of TÜV NORD GROUP, the construction analysis company TÜV NORD Bauqualität GmbH offers real-estate owners and managers its know-how in preparing medium-term and long-term maintenance schedules. We provide our clients with instruments making it possible determine the financial resources required for upkeep and utilization of property and prepare related medium-term as well as long-term schedules.

Our experts visit your property and visually inspect the components roof, facade, cellar, stairways and windows. These components are subsequently evaluated in terms of their technical condition and remaining life expectancy. The individual components are rated and recommendations are made for renovation / maintenance, taking into account technical, financial and energy requirements. Accordingly, detailed consultancy on the building's energy requirements as a whole serves as a useful supplement to maintenance planning.

The evaluation results are used to prepare priority lists for the required / awaited renovation measures and rough estimates of the measures' costs.

Your Benefits

  • Maintenance and Service planning allows you to dependably plan the financial resources required by your property
  • You receive independent advice regarding the urgency and type of required renovation
  • You avoid unnecessary as well as technically or financially unviable measures
  • By your side, you have a competent and capable partner who advises you and provides assistance in solving your technical problems

Additional Options

  • You have the option of commissioning further services concerning the property
  • Quality control of renovation measures
  • Planning of individual renovation measures
  • Building damage assessment
  • Energy consultancy, ascertainment of individual components' energy requirements
  • Determination of market value
  • Emission tests