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Protect your staff effectively!

Safety at work is one of the most important assets in all industrial sectors – for both employees and employers. The obligation to protect health and life by taking adequate safety precautions and detecting potential risks in good time comes first of all. But occupational health and safety is much more than this and also has a sustainable impact on company profits by preventing costly sick leave and machine downtimes.

The competent and independent support of our experienced specialist auditors will help you create a work environment where safety comes first – protecting both your staff and the success of your business. Certification offers many benefits.

  • Accidents at work are prevented and sick leave reduced
  • Your staff is more motivated
  • You can be sure to fulfil statutory requirements and achieve legal compliance
  • High safety standards give you a competitive edge
  • Certification as part of an integrated management system helps to save costs and optimise the efficiency of your business Management

The BS OHSAS 18001 standard is about to be replaced – the succeeding standard ISO 45001 was published in March 2018. Existing OHSAS 18001 certificates will expire on 11 March 2021, following a three year transitional period. This gives organisations sufficient time to change over to the new ISO 45001 standard by means of a re-certification or during a surveillance audit and to implement the changed requirements successfully.

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