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Sustainable construction and utilisation

The requirements for energy efficiency, environmentally friendly design and reduction of CO2 emissions are also playing an ever-greater role for buildings. The energy concept of the Federal Government aims to achieve carbon neutral building stock by the year 2050.

With its comprehensive know-how in the area of climate protection, TÜV NORD CERT has developed a certification system which enables

  • architects
  • project developers and managers
  • construction companies and property developers
  • official companies in the area of Facility Management
  • and users of buildings

to demonstrate their commitment to climate protection and sustainability over the long term.

From erection to demolition

The certification takes the entire life cycle of the building into consideration – from erection through operation and use up to final demolition. The following certification modules are available, which can be applied for individually or in combination:

  • Carbon Neutral Erection (one-off certification)
  • Carbon Neutral Building Utilisation (annual certification)
  • Carbon neutral Demolition (one-off certification)
  • Carbon Neutral Building (comprises the Carbon Neutral Erection and Carbon Neutral Building Utilisation modules)
  • "Net Zero Emission Building" (one-off certification before the start of erection regarding the calculated carbon footprint for building operation)

The carbon footprint in the respective cycle of the building is verified, as is the compensation for the greenhouse gas emissions which results from withdrawal from the market of an appropriate number of CO2 credits from climate protection projects.

Energy-efficient buildings that pay their way

The TÜV NORD certificate and the associated test mark demonstrate and communicate commitment to climate protection. In addition, the audit includes comprehensive monitoring of emission sources – revealing savings potentials and offering opportunities for cost reduction.

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