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Climate protection and gas supply

If climate change is to be slowed down and the greenhouse effect mitigated, CO2 emissions have to fall in all areas – including that of energy consumption. "Carbon-neutral gas combustion" or "Carbon-neutral gas product" certification from TÜV NORD CERT means that gas suppliers can have the carbon neutrality of their product verified by an independent third party.

Sustainability offers a competitive edge

Certification according to TÜV NORD standard is suitable for all gas suppliers who make a contribution to climate protection and wish to raise their products above those of their competitors. Certification includes verification of the carbon footprint of the gas. Depending on the basis of the footprint, greenhouse gas emissions from combustion and also from the previous stages of gas production and processing are included. Compensation for the emissions calculated is also examined, where CO2 certificates from climate protection projects have to be purchased and withdrawn from the market.

TÜV NORD CERT: well established and experienced

The certificate and the associated test mark draw attention to the fact that a company is taking above-average responsibility when it comes to climate protection. This appeals in particular to environmentally-aware consumers. TÜV NORD CERT is an excellent choice to perform the certification and offers the advantage of long years of experience both at the national and international level and of comprehensive knowledge in the area of climate change. The company is also accredited by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to validate, verify and certify international climate protection projects, and has performed these services for more than 2,000 projects to date.

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