Acting sustainably - convincing consumers

Climate change is on everyone's lips as one of the most important challenges of the 21st century and is increasingly influencing consumer behaviour. Companies and organisations that are aware of their responsibility to protect the environment and wish to document their commitment to climate protection can do so with verification by TÜV NORD CERT.

The service comprises verification of the CO2 balance of the company, product or event to be certified as well as verification of its climate neutrality, in which CO2 certificates of the same amount from climate protection projects are purchased and decommissioned, depending on the emissions.

Verified Carbon Footprint


TÜV NORD CERT's verification of the carbon footprint of your company (Corporate Carbon Footprint) or your products (Product Carbon Footprint) helps companies to understand, evaluate and communicate their own greenhouse gas emissions. On this basis, potential savings can be identified and reduction and compensation measures implemented. This not only helps the environment, but also saves money in many cases. A low carbon footprint and measures based on it also ensure a positive image in the public eye. Once a carbon footprint has been created, which the company/organisation itself or an advisory partner can take over, the CO2 inventory is verified. This includes greenhouse gas emissions from various sources, e.g. heating energy, electricity consumption, fuel consumption, use of materials, commuter behaviour, transport, etc. Which company areas and which emission sources are part of the verification is defined in the so-called system boundary and recorded in the certificate.

Consumers demand sustainability

Numerous steps to curb global warming and mitigate its consequences have been taken at national and international level, including the Kyoto Protocol, the EU Emissions Trading Directive and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act (TEHG). In addition to the mandatory measures, however, companies and organizations are increasingly required to make a voluntary contribution to climate protection. More and more consumers are also attaching importance to supporting those institutions that demonstrate sustainable and climate-friendly action through their actions - for example when buying goods or attending events.


TÜV NORD CERT: Experts in climate protection

A separate TÜV NORD standard was established for the verification of carbon footprints and climate neutrality, which is based on TÜV NORD CERT's experience in the field of national and international climate protection. TÜV NORD CERT has extensive knowledge and national and international references in the field of climate protection. We are accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with ISO 14065 for verifying greenhouse gas balances (carbon footprints) in accordance with ISO 14064-3 and for verification within the framework of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). Furthermore, we are accredited by the United Nations Framework Convetion on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to validate and verify international climate protection projects.

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