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what added value does certification of persons offer?

Individual personnel certification – a real competitive advantage

Digitisation has significantly changed corporate procedures, processes and the demands made on staff, and well-qualified personnel provide a real competitive advantage in any organisation. And in order to have a well-qualified workforce, companies need a system to maintain staff competence. Regular training courses and examinations resulting in a personal certificate based on ISO/IEC 17024 rules offer an excellent way of achieving this. As an accredited certification body, TÜV NORD CERT offers a broad portfolio for certification of persons.

Strategic and efficient staff planning

We monitor the validity and expiration dates of TÜV NORD CERT personal certificates. The certificate owner is informed at regular intervals about ways of maintaining his or her competence, which allows both organisations and certificate owners to plan their human resources in an efficient and strategic manner.

We develop areas of competence together with you and offer exchange of information on relevant topics – and we also recognise new media such as online tools as part of the certification.

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Accredited personal certificates

TÜV NORD CERT is an international certification body accredited for certification of persons according to ISO/IEC 17024. As the owner of a valid certificate you can provide proof that your competence is verified at regular intervals. For example as:

  • Quality Specialist
  • Quality Representative
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Auditor

SCC personnel, including

  • HSE staff
  • HSE Managers

Benefits of accredited personal certificates

  • Proof of technical competence for customers and employers
  • Competitive advantage
  • Internationally-recognised certificates

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Customised personal certificates

Market-oriented personal certificates

We also support you in developing market-oriented personal certificates according to ISO/IEC 17024, TÜV NORD House Standard or customer-specific requirements.

Our customised certificates include

  • Examined Quality Representative to ISO 29990 (TÜV®)
  • Examined Professional Guardian (TÜV®)
  • Examined Information Security Operator (TÜV®)  


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International personal certification

Worldwide recognition

TÜV NORD CERT is an international personal certification body accredited according to ISO/IEC 17024. The following certifications are available in cooperation with TÜV NORD international subsidiaries all over the world:

  • Quality specialist
  • Quality representative
  • Quality manager
  • Quality auditor
  • SCC personnel
  • HSE staff
  • HSE leaders
  • EOQ recognition
  • Various international auditor training courses according to CQI/IRCA

The route to the certificate

  • Training at one of the organisations approved and monitored by TÜV NORD CERT
  • Examination as part of the recognised training scheme
  • Review of the application for certification
  • Validation of the examination
  • Issue of the personal certificate

We will be happy to provide information about the requirements and possibilities.
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