Certification of Persons: Quality and SCC

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TÜV NORD runs a staff certification centre accredited according to ISO/IEC 17024. It concerns itself with the needs of the market for qualified, neutral testing and certification of personnel who are employed in modern fields of work outside of state regulations and in advance of profession regulations.

Confirmation of the genuine nature of SCC Person Certificates of TÜV NORD CERT GmbH

TÜV NORD CERT GmbH checks the SCC Person Certificates upon request. Please apply to: Information regarding certification of persons in the area of occupational safety and health and the environment according to the SCC Standard 2011 and the normative document of the DGMK working party (DGMK - German Society for Petroleum and Coal Science and Technology) can be found in th information sheet regarding personal certification in the area of occupational safety, health and the environment. Since 09.12.2011, TÜV NORD CERT has been accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS for SCC personnel certification - pesonnel who are active in the health and safety and environment area - based on the normative document of the DGMK working party, and since 02.01.2012 has been performing all certifications of personnel responsible for occupational safety and health and the environment (operatively active employees and managers) in accordance with the new rules.  A testing and certification system will be developed with one or more partners from industry and business until it is ready to use and then put into practice. We certify the following groups of personnel with TÜV NORD CERT certificates

  • Quality management personnel
  • SCC staff