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Studies show that nowadays psychological problems such as burnout or anxiety account for an ever greater proportion of absence from work. Organisations of all sizes and from all sectors are therefore called upon to do more for the health, safety and productivity of their workforce - above and beyond fulfilment of legal health and safety requirements and managing employee integration. Changes in demographics which result in more older employees and stronger competition for qualified personnel, and therefore demand concrete health promotion measures, are also good reasons for introducing a health management system. As one of the first certification bodies in Germany, TÜV NORD CERT is offering workplace health certification, following the rules of a management system audit. This helps organisations to develop an efficient overall system which stimulates continual improvement processes for promotion and maintenance of employee health.

Motivation for the workforce and enhanced image for your organisation

Certified companies receive neutral confirmation from TÜV NORD CERT that a system for health management has been installed in accordance with a recognised standard, that it is developed on a continuous basis and also subject to regular monitoring. On the one hand, this has a positive influence on current and potential employees, and on the other it achieves image enhancement for the organisation, combined with improved competitiveness.

Augmenting the existing management system

The prerequisite for certification according to the TÜV NORD standard is prior or parallel establishment of a certified management system, for example according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 or KTQ (Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in the Health Sector). The system for health management itself is audited in four blocks:

  1. Structures & Organisation: Corporate culture and health policy
  2. Processes & Measures: Management, work organisation and promotion of health
  3. Results and overall assessment
  4. Mandatory procedures for management systems 

Emphasis on advice

The TÜV NORD Competence Center for Work and Health promotes the health and productivity of employees in all types of organisations through its varied and comprehensive services, and our experts cover the entire spectrum, from prevention up to therapy. Work-life balance, overcoming stress, addiction and nutritional advice are only a few of the themes discussed in our seminars and advisory sessions. We would also like to hear from you!

HAWARD – Recognition of achievement

The HAWARD (Health Award) is an award made each year to organisations who are noted for promoting the health of their employees on a systematic and ongoing basis. The expert jury selects the best of the organisations who are certified to the TÜV NORD standard for health management at the workplace. The award testifies to employee-focused corporate philosophy and is a mark of distinction for the winning organisation. Besides TÜV NORD, HAWARD partners include the BARMER health insurance organisation and the management magazine IMPULSE (G+J Wirtschaftsmedien).

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