EAC Certificates and Declarations

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EAC approvals for export into the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

For many years, companies wishing to export their products into the Eurasian Economic Union or into other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have faced bureaucracy, barriers and obstacles.

This affects manufacturers and exporters of plant, machinery and equipment and also companies which manufacture other products (e.g. clothing, toys, cosmetics or food).

TÜV NORD CERT will be happy to support you in successfully exporting your products into the EAEU, friction-free and to time.

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EurAsian Conformity / Mark for access to Customs Union market

Procurement of EAC certificates and other approvals for export to the EAEU

TÜV NORD CERT offers all the tests and inspections for the CE mark. Based on these and further documentary evidence, we can apply on your behalf for the conformity paperwork needed for export to the EAEU. For some products, additional certificates and approvals are required. Such special documentary requirements generally arise from legislation current at the time of export, and TÜV NORD CERT will also help you to obtain, for example:


  • EAC Certificates and EAC Declarations (EAEU)
  • Registration of medical devices
  • Registration of measuring instruments
  • Industrial safety reports for dangerous machinery and equipment
  • State registration regarding hygiene
  • Machinery and equipment passports (e.g. pressure equipment)
  • Technical passports (industrial equipment)
  • EAC Exemption Letter (negative statement)

Procedure for EAC Certification

Procedure for a EAC certification Procedure for a EAC certification Procedure for a EAC certification Procedure for a EAC certification

Competent support in special cases

For some other CIS countries, similar certificates, approvals and certification procedures are needed as for the EAEU (e.g. the TR Certificate or the TR Declaration for the Ukraine, GOST-UZ Certificate for Uzbekistan, TDS Certificate for Turkmenistan). Our experts are here to help with your inquiries on an individual basis.

We also provide detailed information on the Technical Regulations (TR) in the EAEU. This can also take the form of in-house training and workshops which will answer your questions and explain the regulations.


What is an EAC Certificate or an EAC Declaration?

EAC Certificates/EAC Declarations replace the former GOST certificates and confirm the conformity of products with the relevant Technical Regulations and Standards of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

What does the EAC mark mean?

Following successful conformity assessment, the products are marked with the new “EAC” market access mark (Eurasian Conformity). The EAC mark on the product confirms successful conformity assessment and the fact that the product complies with the current technical regulations of the EAEU. It is not permitted to import or sell products into the Eurasian Economic Union without EAC marking.

Which documents have to be submitted in advance?

In order to apply for the required documents from the responsible EAEU bodies, the following documents have to be submitted (in the Russian language):

  • Contracts and supply specifications (for certification of single shipments)
  • Precise goods designations and customs tariff numbers
  • Risk assessment
  • Product documentation such as operating manuals, data sheets, safety data sheets, brochures and leaflets, catalogues
  • European certificates and evidences e.g. ISO 9001 certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity, test reports and material certificates (these can be provided in the required national language)

Depending on the product, certification procedure and country, test samples may also be required.

What is the EAC Certificate or the EAC Declaration used for?

The EAC approvals are needed for export, customs formalities, sale, assembly and commissioning of the products in the EAEU.

How can TÜV NORD help me to save money?

When products are exported to the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS countries, it can be very difficult to know the conditions that have to be fulfilled and which certificates are required. Here, the experts from TÜV NORD CERT can often help to avoid the considerable costs which can arise due to missing certificates, incorrect certificates or double certification.

Depending on how and what the particular company wishes to supply – single shipment or serial production – and the type of product, TÜV NORD CERT selects the appropriate certification procedure and provides detailed and comprehensive advice on the applicable certification requirements.

TÜV NORD CERT can also help with implementation of investment projects.

What services can I expect from TÜV NORD?

Our experienced team supports you in gaining all necessary EAC approvals. We will inform you of the current requirements in the area of conformity assessment, and help you to put together the necessary documents. We will also issue the necessary technical passports and support the entire conformity assessment procedure. This means that you will receive all EAC approvals from one source.  

We are looking forward to your inquiry