Certification Approval for the Canadian Retailer Costco

Costco generated net sales of approximately $138.4 billion in the 2017/2018 fiscal year, making it one of the leading cash and carry food retailers. [Source:] The Canadian retailer only accepts suppliers listed through a Costco approved certifier.

TÜV USA is recognised by Costco with a worldwide listing as a certification body. Thanks to the TÜV NORD Group's international organisation, all TÜV NORD branches with appropriately qualified auditors under the project management of TÜV USA can carry out a supplier qualification according to Costco criteria.

There are three options for suppliers to be listed by Costco:

  1. "Small Supplier Audit" (announced) for suppliers <25 employees who do not yet have certification. After successful participation an unannounced Costco GMP audit or a GFSI certification with Costco Addendum is required from the subsequent year 
  2. Costco GMP Audit (unannounced) - Costco Checklist based on the GFSI approved Standards 
  3. GFSI Addendum Audit - apart from the regular standard requirements of the GFSI approved standards (FSSC, IFS, BRC, SQF), an additional Costco checklist is included as part of the audit, resulting in a small amount of additional effort.

Special requirements that must be met for Costco and that are not reflected in the GFSI standards include:

  • Examination by a trained employee recognised by Costco 
  • Cost and time savings through joint testing as a Costco supplier 
  • Market access to the Canadian retail industry as a Costco supplier 
  • Worldwide testing/certification of sites possible Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding Costco approval.

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding Costco approval and mail to

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