Power plant check

The path is clear for the low-CO2 power plants of the future!

Power plant operators are faced with the challenge of designing their newly built power plants in such a way that a future upgrade with suitable CCS technology is possible. The term "Carbon Capture Ready" has become established in practice. Therefore, the TÜV NORD experts have developed a catalogue of requirements for new power plant projects.

The TÜV NORD approach

This defines what criteria must be met in order to be able to designate a new power plant project as "carbon capture ready". The criteria were developed with respect to the current state of knowledge and compiled in the TÜV NORD Climate Change Standard TN-CC 006. The TN-CC 006 standard contains requirements for the technological and site-specific feasibility of upgrading a CC plant at the site, the availability of the necessary space, the feasibility of the CO2 disposal and the storage of CO2 and the possible effects on plant safety and the environment, After a successful check, a certificate, which is valid for 2.5 years is issued. This certificate can be extended by means of a follow-up inspection for the same period of time after the validity period expires.

The advantages are not just for power plant operators

The TÜV NORD "Carbon Capture Ready" certificate provides the public and the authorities with proof that the planning or erecting of a new power plant has proceeded in such a way that a Carbon Capture plant can be upgraded at a later date and that future climate protection measures can still be efficiently implemented at fossil-fuelled plants. The carbon capture certification by the impendent testing organization TÜV NORD gives the interested public and authorities their first evaluation tool for checking the operator's statements in this regard. Generally speaking, the certification also provides the first definition of binding requirements for increasing transparency in this area, which will be very important for climate protection in the future.

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