Protection classes

Independent confirmation of product specifications

In order to reduce the risk of electric shock for people and animals, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC requires electrical operating equipment and enclosures to be protected against penetration of dust and damp which could lead to malfunction. However, the equipment needed in order to perform this test is complex and expensive to buy. An alternative is to have the test performed by TÜV NORD CERT.

Reliable and reproducible results

TÜV NORD CERT offers testing according to EN 60529 (Specification for degrees of protection provided by enclosures - IP Codes) to manufacturers and operators of motors, engines, gearing and other drive mechanisms, control cabinet enclosures and switchgear enclosures. The test provides reliable and reproducible results and makes it possible to establish the environmental conditions under which an item of equipment can be safely operated. Using a sample supplied by the client, the degree of protection claimed by the manufacturer as expressed in the IP Code (from IP X1 to IP X8 and from IP 1X to IP 6X) is verified.

Neutral test report creates confidence in equipment safety

In the final test report, TÜV NORD CERT confirms that the information supplied about the product is correct and that the requirements of standard EN 60529 are met, providing additional support for the manufacturer's product specification. A test certificate can also be issued if required.