Certified Service Excellence to DIN SPEC 77224

Customer loyalty from exceptional service

These days it is essential to inspire your customers’ loyalty in order to secure long term customer relationships and opportunities on the market. But how can you make sure they return to you again and again? DIN SPEC 77224 gives you the answer. It is the first official standard on the subject of “Service Excellence” and certification can demonstrate that you offer exceptional service to your customers. TÜV NORD, with its many years of expertise, will be at your side as your certification partner.

DIN SPEC 77224 describes a holistic approach to service quality. It is not only a case of looking at customers and their needs, but also of developing many broader aspects of service management. Provision of excellent service then becomes a continuous process, which can be demonstrated based on objective assessment criteria.

Benefits of certification to DIN SPEC 77224

  • High level of trust in your organisation for existing and new customers
  • Raises you above the competition
  • Development of a service- and customer-orientated corporate culture
  • Positive effects when attracting new and retaining existing customers
  • Positive image when recruiting new staff
  • Ongoing discovery of new potentials for service improvement

FAQs on certified Service Excellence to DIN SPEC 77224

Who should think about certification of Service Excellence?

Certification according to DIN SPEC 77224 not only demonstrates consistent customer focus and service excellence for all kinds of service providers. Manufacturing companies can also benefit from certification in so far as they have service units within their organisation. DIN SPEC 77224 is a perfect supplementary standard for organisations that are already certified to ISO 9001 or the "Certified Service Quality" or "Certified Customer Satisfaction" TÜV NORD standards, so as to place yet greater emphasis on customer focus.

What is audited during the Service Excellence certification process?

Certification to DIN SPEC 77224 is associated with the Service Excellence Model. This consists of seven elements, which also serve as assessment criteria:

1. Excellence as the responsibility of Top Management

2. Excellence-based use of resources

3. Avoidance of errors and waste

4. Recording of relevant customer experiences

5. Development of service innovations

6. Measurement of enhanced customer satisfaction and its effects

7. Economic analysis of the measures for implementing the Service Excellence approach

What are the prerequisites for DIN SPEC 77224 certification?

In order to achieve service excellence according to DIN SPEC 77224, it is expected that applicants adhere to the core service promises stated in ISO 9001 and also operate a well-functioning complaint management system. Certificates according to ISO 9001 or "Certified Service Quality" are advantageous, but are not mandatory as such.

Certification with TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD is not only an internationally-recognised and reliable partner for testing, inspection and certification services. We also specifically offer many years of experience in the area of service certification.  Our independent experts and auditors have in-depth knowledge and support you with objective feedback during the certification process. We guarantee independence and neutrality, and thanks to our global network, we can offer you our testing and certification services across borders with continuity of support all over the world.

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