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Life cycle assessments that inspire trust

When it comes to selecting products, ecological factors number amongst the most important criteria for ever increasing numbers of buyers: both end consumers and decision-makers in industry and trade. At the same time, many manufacturers wish to improve environmental aspects of their products. This is where testing by the environmental experts of TÜV NORD CERT UMWELTGUTACHTER GmbH can provide valuable support: based on the standard DIN EN ISO 14040, all environmentally relevant aspects of a product are analysed. This “audited life cycle assessment” creates comparability and contributes to sustainable ecological optimisation, both for new products and for further developments.

Detecting ecological risks – identifying opportunity for improvement

Within the framework of the audit, the independent environmental experts analyse the entire life cycle of the relevant product. This involves the collection and assessment of all inputs (e.g. raw materials) and outputs (e.g. emissions) that a product takes from and releases into the environment over the course of its manufacture, use and disposal. If the result of the life cycle assessment is positive, this does more than just improve the competitive position on the market: the results can be utilised in the production and design processes, for example in the selection of optimal materials. In turn, purchasers have a secure decision-making basis on which to select the suppliers whose products can demonstrate the best ecological properties

Prerequisite for success, particularly in the automotive industry

After successful completion, the respective product can be labelled with the “audited life cycle assessment” test mark. This type of audit is fundamentally possible for all types of products. It is particularly recommended for the automotive industrysince a trustworthy, neutrally verified life cycle assessment represents the admission ticket to this market. The references of TÜV NORD CERT UMWELTGUTACHTER GmbH include Audi, Porsche and Hyundai

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