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Ordinance for the prevention and recycling of packaging waste

By 01.01.09, the amendment is to enter into force as the packaging ordinance (VerpackV) The focus of the amendment to VerpackV is § 6 and § 10, which place new requirements on the initial distributors of sales packaging. TÜV NORD provides you with support as an organization of experts as per § 9 of the environmental audit law.

As per § 6 VerpackV, there is an nationwide obligation to take back sales packaging from private end consumers. Manufacturers and distributors who distribute packaging containing goods for sale and normally accumulating on the end consumer's premises are obliged to guarantee a nationwide redemption of this packaging by participating in one or more dual disposal systems. As per § 6 VerpackV, industry-related solutions are allowed instead of participation in a dual system, as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Bi-annual, expert on-site document and plant check
  • official information,
  • annual, expert certification of volume flow.

As per § 10 VerpackV, companies are obligated to save a declaration of completion at the responsible chamber of commerce and industry with data on the packaging that has been distributed. This must be done annually by May 1st, with the first time being May 1, 2009. It must contain information on the types and quantities of packages and packaging materials that were distributed in the past year. Before deposition, a declaration of completion must be validated by an independent expert or environmental assessor.

Our environmental assessors certify your industry solution's functionality and volume flow, and issue you a declaration of completion.



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