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Waste management companies will get more orders if they have their authorization and competence documented by neutral testing. Together with TÜV NORD Umweltschutz GmbH & Co. KG, TÜV NORD CERT provides certification for waste management companies.

Any entity that foregoes this testing when selecting a disposal company is not exercising appropriate concern and is putting themselves into a position where they are guilty of negligently harming the environment through carelessness. For this reason, more and more customers understand the importance of only working with certified disposal companies.

Together with TÜV NORD Umweltschutz GmbH & Co. KG, TÜV NORD CERT provides certification for waste management companies. With it, disposal companies and scrappers can gain important competitive advantages: The certificate ensures that a waste management company will be accepted by customers; many large producers of waste, such as commercial and industrial enterprises will not place an order without seeing a disposal certificate.

The basis for the certification is the closed-loop recycling management waste law with the waste management companies ordinance (EfbV). This defines all of the requirements for companies that collect, transport, store, treat, recycle or eliminate waste. The certification for a waste management company can also be acquired by businesses that deal with waste and arrange the disposal of waste.

In order to become a waste management company in accordance with the EfbV, a company must provide waste management activities and collect, transport, store, treat, recycle or eliminate waste commercially or within the scope of a communal business or public facilities. A manual must be created and a specialty course must be attended. All of the criteria of the EfbV must be implemented.

Certification through TÜV NORD includes an optional pre-audit with on-site inventory-taking and document checking, followed by the certification audit which involves checking and evaluating the documents submitted by the company, the actual on-site audit, and creating the report. If the results of the audit are positive, the certificate is issued. An annual monitoring audit is conducted in order to check continued compliance with the requirements of the EfbV.

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