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Negative headlines draw attention to quality problems in the food industry and create an atmosphere of uncertainty amongst consumers and the public at large. Nowadays, food safety is more important than ever, and has become a top priority for food producers and suppliers - from farm to fork. Many wholesalers and retailers insist on a current food safety certificate before a producer is even accepted into the supply chain. The certificate is therefore essential for all those wishing to participate in the industry.

As certification is so important, it is vital to choose the right certification partner. TÜV NORD CERT is a market leader when it comes to certification based on standards such as IFS and BRC. Our internal quality assurance system guarantees that we hold current accreditation for all the relevant standards, and that our clients can trust our expertise and reliability at all times for risk analysis, evaluation of HACCP concepts and control of HACCP and management system implementation. We make our world safer – for you, your clients and for end consumers. Our auditors are both knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of food safety and quality, holding degree-level qualifications in agriculture, food management and food technology.

ISO 22000

Consumer Protection in the Food Sector

International Standard ISO 22000 offers a food safety management system that is recognised throughout the world and is intended to simplify the global standardisation process.
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Sustainability for Fishing and Agriculture

Like to know more about certification of sustainable fishing and agriculture? Click here for detailed information ...
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FSSC 22000

Certification for Packaging Manufacturers

Like to know more about the FSSC Approach to certification for food and packaging manufactures? Click here for detailed information ...
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Feed and Food Industry

Animal feed industry has an obligation

In Germany, sales of animal feed amount to around 10 billion euros, making it the most important agricultural resource. The annual demand for animal feed is approximately 66 million tonnes, which equates to eight times the cereals used to produce human food...
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Competitive advantages for the animal feed industry

To ensure effective consumer protection it is essential to perform complete checks at every stage of food production...
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QS System/ QS Charta
QS System / QS Charta

QS certification for meat and fruit/vegetable supply chains

Retailers and consumers demand maximum product safety for food with good reason. In order to meet expectations, industry and trade associations and food organisations have established a unified and reliable system of inspection in the form of “QS...
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State of the Art realtime Results from your checks on site

The Quick Response Check is based on an easy to use app and can be individualised in various ways. You can use it for hygienic checks or shop and restaurant inspections within system catering. Immediately after the inspection, all inspection reports and non-conformities can be called up in a Portal.
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More than 100 million North Americans are now buying gluten-free products. A GFCP certificate is therefore a good argument to make a name for yourself in this lucrative growth market. TÜV NORD CERT is able to provide you with the respective certification immediately.
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