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Animal feed industry has an obligation

In Germany, sales of animal feed amount to around 10 billion euros, making it the most important agricultural resource. The annual demand for animal feed is approximately 66 million tonnes, which equates to eight times the cereals used to produce human food. If animal feed is not produced and used in a controlled fashion, with care and with an eye to quality, major economic losses and avoidable environmental pollution will be the result.

What areas are the GMP regulations developed for?

  • trade
  • production
  • handling and storage
  • transport

Quality and safety must be ensured in all areas!

The standards Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP+) and Quality Control of Feed Materials (QC) are important for animal feed suppliers, producers, dealers and transporters. These standards are applied primarily to exports to the Netherlands or Belgium. However, suppliers not based in the Netherlands or Belgium must at least be certified to the QC standard.

We will support you in certification to GMP+/QC and QS Charta.

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