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Quick Response Check: the digital conformity test

In the food industry it is necessary to check numerous conformities within the respective company but also at suppliers. With the new certification service Quick Response Check, TÜV NORD CERT provides its customers with a state-of-the-art real-time-solution. It consists of an software based app with a checklist. The Quick Response Check can be individualised in various ways and, for instance, be used for hygienic checks or shop and restaurant inspections within system catering. Immediately after the inspection, all inspection reports and non-conformities can be called up in a portal.

The checking process

The TNC service includes the individualised population of the checklist into the App as well as the testing in contractually agreed units. Here, the client starts by defining the contents of the checklist itself. The checklists should be based on a yes/no assessment or a clearly structured assessment based on categories (very good, good, not good, KO criterion). Finally, all results of the conformity tests are transferred from the app to the platform. Optionally, our auditors can perform personnel checks or a plausibility check of the checklist in parallel. Likewise, a laboratory service can be added upon request, for instance, for microbiological tests.

Unlike many other TÜV NORD CERT services, customers neither receive a certificate nor a test mark after the Quick Response Test.



Your advantages concerning the Quick Response Test

  • State-of-the-art digital solution
  • High flexibility and high degree of individualisation when preparing the checklist
  • More transparency thanks to safe and quick data collection and analysis
  • Quick restoration of the hygiene conformity by test feedback in real time
  • Higher degree of trust due to internationally recognised testing and certification service provider
  • Decreasing the risk of legally or financially damaging incidents
  • Integration with other checks possible (use of synergy effects)
  • Cost-effective solution based on an application already existing (without own development expenses)
  • The App and software is based on the European data protection law and is therefore GDPR-safe

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