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The sign of working quality management

The purpose of quality management in the health and social sectors is the optimisation of the primary value-added, management and support processes with the aim of improving efficiency and raising satisfaction among all those involved. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure progress in daily work – such as the qualifications of personnel or equipment.

In contrast to quality control, quality management aims for quality assurance and continuous improvement from all interested parties. Because: quality management is created by people for people. TÜV NORD CERT certifies quality management systems for all facilities within the care for senior citizens, disabled care, child and youth care, education and teaching.

One of the aim of external quality assessment with certification is that facility can realistically assess its current quality status on the basis of international quality standards and can appropriately verify this both internally and externally.

Important quality attributes are determined and assessed:

  • Staff qualification
  • Complaints handling
  • Error prevention
  • Prozess organization
  • Administrative prozesses  

Statutory quality tests may be included in the certification system.

We have performed certification of QM systems in health and social care since 1996. This experience advantage and our qualified auditors have secured us a leading position within Germany. Qualification by professional peers with special medical, nursing, or economic qualifications has long been our practice.

Auditor pool of TÜV NORD CERT

The Auditor pool of TÜV NORD CERT can be found all relevant professional groups:

  • Natural scientists
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Psychologists
  • Care staff
  • Educators
  • Social education workers
  • Therapist

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