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Show your quality

It is particularly important to ensure that the quality of care remains constant. To support you in this:

  • Increased satisfaction of customers, family members, and employees
  • Competitive advantages and improved image through independent confirmation of quality and safety
  • Proof that legal requirements have been satisfied; more transparency and traceability
  • Taking the need for social support into consideration, e.g. by means of an additional inspection
  • Easier entry into a QM system, e.g. as per ISO
  • Risk minimization through comprehensive safety for those requiring care and employees 

We provide certification to care facilities that further optimise their processes and want to document this fact as per DIN EN ISO 9001. Setting up a QM system gives you the following benefits:

  • Transparency of the processes
  • Developing and exploiting potential areas for improvement
  • Cost-savings options
  • Protecting against liability claims
  • Ensuring that the legal requirements are satisfied
  • Marketing instrument
  • Gaining the confidence of patients and referrers
  • Motivating employees

Additional services for care facilities

  • Certification acc. to HACCP (foodstuff hygiene)
  • Certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management)
  • Certification acc. to MAAS-BGW 
  • Certification acc. to DIN EN 15224
  • Consultation and testing in building technology with a focus on: Indoor air hygiene and fire protection
  • Occupational medicine services
  • Safety services

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