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Contractors for technical services and personnel service providers are increasingly being used in the industry. To certify that these companies are complying with essential occupational safety requirements, we provided certification as per SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) rules.

In many industries, such as the mineral oil or chemical industry or in the power plant sector, the SCC certificate is only the "entry level card" for consideration when engaging in corresponding activities.

Certification is possible for:

SCC: Contractors/production enterprise: Companies, which provide technical services or work for their customers within the scope of a service or work contract.

SCP: Personnel service providers: Companies that provide personnel to other companies, who are engaged within the scope of the employment agency law (AÜG).

Two levels of certification

There are two different levels of certification for certifying contractors:

  • For companies with up to 35 employees, limited certification is possible (SCC*). Only certain mandatory questions on the SCC checklist must be satisfactorily answered.
  • For companies with more than 35 employees, unlimited certification is required (SCC**). The mandatory questions identified in the SCC checklist and at least five of the ten supplementary questions must be answered positively. Unlimited certification is also performed for companies with up to 35 employees if these companies appoint their own sub-companies.

There is a separate SCP checklist for the certification of personnel service providers. Here too, the mandatory questions and three of the five supplementary questions must be satisfactorily answered for certification.

An important part of the SCC certification for contractors are the accident numbers for the last three years, which must correspond to the specifications of the SCC rules. Certain requirements are placed on contractors and personnel service providers for the occupational safety training of management and employees. The content of the training, the training times and the test criteria are established and binding. SCC certification can either be performed separately, or together with other certifications, e.g. as per DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management), or DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental protection management).

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