1. Certification
  2. System Certification
  3. Sustainability
  4. Proof of Origin for Renewable Energies

Confirmation for Green Electricity without Feed-in Compensation

The German Federal Environment Agency maintains an electronic proof-of-origin register for green electricity which is not subject to pay-as-you-go financing under the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). For operators of Renewable Energy systems, such proof of origin is important so that their customers – for example energy supply companies – can sell the electricity on as green electricity and subsequently every consumer sees on their bill from which energy sources it has been produced.

Different Certificates depending on the Plant

The prerequisites for issuing the proof-of-origin certificates are registration of the plant with the German Federal Environment Agency and confirmations from a recognised body such as TÜV NORD CERT UMWELTGUTACHTER GmbH. The type of plant is the determining factor for what has to be confirmed in detail – for example, quantities of electricity and efficiency factors or a specific plant quality. An inspection and document review are carried out for this purpose.

Prerequisite for Successful Marketing

Prerequisite for Successful Marketing

Proof-of-origin certificates can be issued for electricity produced from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, water or biomass if neither feed-in compensation under the Renewable Energy Act nor a market premium is granted. In this way the electricity producer concerned fulfils the statutory requirements and creates the basis for marketing its electricity successfully.

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