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Brief explanation of the service

In 2016, the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted Resolution A39-3 in order to achieve ICAO’s global aspirational goal of carbon neutral growth from 2020. The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) is one of the key elements to reach this goal. CORSIA includes a phased implementation approach for offsetting with a pilot phase and first phase from 2021-2026 in which member states’ participation is voluntary. The first offsetting will take place in 2025. On top of offsetting, airlines from all ICAO member states are obliged to monitor, report and let verify (MRV) their emissions from the year 2019 onwards. Only emissions from aeroplane operators emitting less than 10,000 tCO2 per year, emissions from aircrafts with less than 5,700 kg of Maximum Take Off Mass (MTOM) and emissions from humanitarian, medical and firefighting operations are exempted from the CORSIA system. TÜV NORD CERT GmbH is accredited for ISO 14065 which allows for verification of emission reports of aviation operators (EU-ETS Scope 12) as well as verification of emission inventories according to ISO 14064-3. (This accreditation will be upgraded for CORSIA emissions reports.)

What does the service bring the customer?

The verification we offer is a mandatory component to meet reporting requirements under ICAO Assembly Resolution A39-3 paragraphs 15, 20a and 20b. (compliance with ICAO requirements)


  • TÜV NORD CERT GmbH has already verified emission reports in the EU ETS and thus has experience in verifying corresponding reports, whereas new verifiers who can only be accredited for CORSIA do not have this experience.
  • Our verifiers have verified more than 60 emission reports for aviation under the EU ETS, well over 1500 emission reports under the EU ETS (aviation and installations) and no less than 60 emission inventories under ISO 14064-3.
  • Our pool of auditors consists of over 25 appointed auditors for EU ETS or ISO 14064-3 verifications, 5 of which have a particular focus on aviation emissions reports.

verification process

  • Offer
  • Order
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Preparation of the Inspection Plan
  • On-site Inspection / Possibly Partial Remote Audit
  • Non-Conformity Management
  • Preparation of the Inspection Report
  • Independent Inspection / Release
  • Sending the Inspection Report

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