Project start: Digital transformation in the Industrial Service division

Digitalization brings changes in all sectors. New competitors flock into established markets and TÜV NORD is also required to adapt to this new situation. Over the past few months, the Industrial Service division (GB IS) has thus been working intensively on project organization as well as initiating and implementing the first digitalization projects. Thus Ulf Theike, responsible for digital transformation within the Industrial Service division, has set the signs for the digital transformation in the largest division at TÜV NORD GROUP.

Initiation of a change process

In the long-term, five project groups - divided into HR, Business Models, Regulation, Processes and Communication - will deal with the effects and challenges of digitalization for the division and actively accompany the digitalization process. Existing business models, products and services are analyzed and digitized if needed. A recently appointed Security Manager as well as a coordinating body ensure the know-how transfer to OBS (Operative Business Segments) as interface to the Innovation Center. The Regulation project group actively advises law-makers, industry and consumers. “In future, IT-security has to be a significant test criterion and be implemented in existing directives,” says Ulf Theike. An individual awareness and training plan is to raise awareness and empower employees in the division. There is close cooperation with the Digital Academy which is starting up in parallel.

This change process is initially designed for three years and is set to migrate to regular operation as of 2019.

Security and Safety have to be proved

An important part for the successful digital transformation is the S4S (Security4Safety) project. The aim is to establish GB IS by 2019 as an integrated provider for S4S services. The following measures are to support this growth process:

  1. Establishing/expansion of auditor network for ISO 27001 and IEC 62443 
  2. Expansion of safety and security skills in OBS. Establishing international S4S skills centres.

Measure 1 is particularly driven by Wolfgang Wielpütz, Head of OBS System Certification, and supported operationally by the Director Matthias Springer at S4S Coordination Centre. Initially, there is a selection of strategic countries for potential market entry as well as for the establishing of ISO 27001 and IEC 62443 capacities in already active countries.

In future, we will also regularly inform you about the latest activities and progress regarding the digital transformation process in GB IS.