Cluster Meeting in Eastern Europe

The first official strategy meeting of the Cluster Eastern Europe took place on January 16th in the run-up to the annual exchange of experiences among automotive auditors. Representatives from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia and Germany met in Szczyrk (Poland). The aim of this meeting was not only to look back on the results of 2018, but also to focus on the perspectives for 2019 to 2020 and define measures for this period. "The meeting was very effective. We were able to develop many goals and measures", says Wolfgang Wielpütz. "I look forward to further expanding this productive cooperation in the future". 

Concrete objectives were set:

  • Closer cooperation between Polish and Czech auditors
  • Coordinated market presence for Russia
  • Development of the medical products business in Poland and from there expansion throughout Eastern Europe
  • Common sales strategy.