AEROARMS – Robot-Assisted Testing and Inspection

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AEROARMS is a current research and development project within the framework of the EU funding program Horizon 2020. The goal is the development of robot-supported testing and inspection systems based on drone and crawler technology (motion platforms) as well as sensor technology. The key components are the sensors with which motion platforms can be equipped and which are to be used remotely for the inspection or testing of e.g. inaccessible pipelines and containers in refineries and chemical plants. In addition to the sensors, the motion platforms also have special devices such as robot arms with which they can install instruments or sensors on the systems or transport crawlers to the site of use and pick them up there.

The new technology has several advantages for plant operators:

  • Cost savings due to the elimination of costly occupational safety measures, as inspectors no longer have to enter dangerous zones
  • The risk of accidents is reduced
  • The construction of complicated frameworks becomes superfluous
  • The downtimes of the plants are shortened

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