Digital Academy – Training Program for Employees

For a digital transformation from the inside out!

The Digital Academy is a project of the TÜV NORD GROUP, which was founded in 2017 and continuously pursues the digitalization within the company.

The aim of the Digital Academy is to master the digital change by empowering employees. To achieve this change, employees are trained in a comprehensive training course to become so-called Digital Expert. Following their training, they actively promote digital projects. Digitalization is not just a wish; it is a necessity if we want to be competitive in the future.

Digital Experts receive intensive training in four subject areas. Technologies, Personality, Tools and Law & Security. The training contents can be applied in the context of the project work. Every Digital Expert has the possibility to receive a certificate after the training. The Digital Expert certificate requires a successful pitch presentation of the developed project to the top management as well as a successfully completed written examination.