Live Expert - Digital Remote Assessment

Test our video live stream tool for virtual assessments

Live Expert is a video livestream tool that allows you to have a close look on objects from distance. With the system, experts can immediately inspect and evaluate the condition - from anywhere in the world. Whether you offer maintenance services for companies, provide after-sales services, handle claims as an insurer or your experts have uneconomical travelling times, Live-Expert can help you make your processes more efficient.

Initial situation:

  • customer reports damage
  • hardly accessable location
  • capacity bottlenecks in service
  • uneconomical travel times

Functionality of the solution:

  • virtual inspection of an object by experts
  • transmitter: acts as "extended eye" of the receiver
  • receiver: can trigger photos at the sender as needed
  • saas solution: access via app and browser

Advantages for you:


  • live inspection of objects by experts without spatial limitation
  • Faster elimination of shutdowns, i.e. increased plant availability
  • better occupancy rate of your experts
  • timely execution and documentation of maintenance and inspection work


  • intuitive handling of the software without training effort
  • ready-to-use saas-solution
  • with one click, high-quality image capture according to your needs


  • compliant to GDPA
  • data storage in secure data center of TÜV NORD Hanover
  • secure, individual access to each session