Digital Marketing at TÜV Nederland

A guest article by Paul van Enckevort, Cluster manager Western Europe, and Eline Mathijssen, Content Marketeer TÜV Netherlands.

Our customers change, we should change with them! The biggest shift that TÜV Nederland has made in the last years is a change in mind-set. The brand realised that they had to be pro-actively visible in the market. And in a Digital World, a large part of that visibility takes place online. This is where Inbound Marketing comes into frame. 

HubSpot shows the buyers perspective

To briefly explain the strategy, I would say it actually "stops (cold) selling and starts helping". It focuses on the "buyers perspective" and what their needs are. It is a state of mind that ensures us be relevant to the right people, at the right place, at the right time. How? By working with the software platform HubSpot we automatically track all the activities of new leads* on our Website and serve them just the right information they are looking for at that exact right moment. With the Inbound Marketing strategy we are now targeting a more specific audience. We educate our audience. Because we provide relevant information that helps solve their challenges, we attract customers naturally like a magnet.

* lead = person who has shown interest in our products or services.

The components of inbound marketing include content creation, social media engagement, landing pages and SEO.

Great increase in leads

But maybe even the most important value of the HubSpot tool, is that it provides us the ability to measure data. This means that we now have proven data of what positive effect Marketing and Sales have on the business. After only one year we managed to increase the amount of leads from of an average of 30 to already 200 leads a month! This is due to building a strong marketing funnel that is filled with relevant crafted content (=information) in every buying phase (awareness, consideration, decision). And this is just the beginning. In the future we are able to involve more services of TÜV Nederland and continue to grow the business even further. For now, this already has been a great accomplishment for TÜV Nederland and we are very proud to be able to contribute to such an amazing growth and improve our position in the Dutch market.