Inno-Snippet No. 82


"Breathe London" is building the world´s most advanced air quality monitoring network


Air pollution is leading to numerous health problems in the UK. According to a study published by the King's College London in 2015, over 900 People die early each year in London due to long-term exposure to air pollution. Within a few weeks into 2018, air pollution in London had reached the legal limit for the whole year. Therefore, London's Mayor declared that pollution in the British capital is "a public health emergency".

In January this year, he has introduced Breathe London, a network of sensor-equipped Google Street View vehicles and 100 stationary measuring stations which collect air quality data and produce a real-time map of pollution.

The Google Street View cars will take pollution readings approximately every 30 metres while they drive through London's streets. They will collect data points from areas with different socio-economic conditions and air quality concentrations. The permanently installed, stationary sensor pods on lampposts and buildings also provide round-the-clock readings. These millions of data points will allow Breathe London to provide the link between policy and pollution. The ultimate objective is to assess the impact of public policy on pollution by analysing data from the areas it affects. 

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