Inno-Snippet No. 91


Fastest and most precise 3D printer


Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane / Australia have developed a system that prints high-precision, centimeter-sized objects with submicron-sized details at the highest speed that has never been reached before. With this type of 3D printing, only the material at the focal point of the laser is exposed and cured. The focal points correspond to the nozzles of an inkjet printer, with the difference that they work three-dimensionally. With some further technical improvements, researchers in 3D printing can achieve printing speeds comparable to graphic 2D inkjet printers. According to the researchers, this rapid production of high-precision filigree structures could be used for various areas of application such as optics and photonics, materials science, biotechnology or security technology.

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Source: additive. Das Magazin für generative Fertigung


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