Innovation management

TÜV NORD CERT has been carrying out innovation projects since July 2009. Successful certification services have already been developed as part of innovation management, such as certified proof of origin, tested service quality, tested customer satisfaction and many more. But how does innovation management work and what innovations are currently available?

The procedere

Innovation management in the Business Development cluster is the remit of Christiane Steinkämper of the international sales and marketing department. For existing services, the standards are generally adjusted every five years on the basis of the innovation process. Any (product) development or adaptation, new accreditation or piloting of a customer requires the approval of the management round. Only then does the innovation enter the operational area for further marketing. It is important that the project managers are given the necessary freedom to develop the new service. The development of a service is carried out in cooperation with various service units and can - depending on the procedure - take between three and 12 months. Details of the process can be found in the attached presentation and in the QMH of TÜV NORD CERT - 130-VA-017. The innovation process has been revised in accordance with Group guideline 200. The new documents are expected to be published in June 2018.

In 2017, the OBS structure was also integrated into innovation management. Monthly meetings with cluster managers and accreditation management have been established for this purpose. These meetings decide which services or accreditations have high international market potential and are of interest. It is determined which team develops them, which periods are planned and how much budget is available. The roll-out will then take place via the local companies.

Status quo

Currently there are over 60 projects in innovation management - the topics range from upgrades to new developments. Of particular interest are those projects that are to be rolled out worldwide, such as ISO 45001 (occupational safety management system), TISAX (automotive standard), ISO 62443 (proof of conformity in the process and automation industry), ISO 37001 (anti-corruption management) and BS 10012:2017 (data protection management system).

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