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Success Storys

New: Certified Trailer Inspection Professional (TÜV®)

TÜV NORD CERT and TÜV NORD Mobilität have developed the "Certified Trailer Inspection Professional (TÜV ®)" personal certification in close cooperation with the pilot customer TIP Trailer. TIP Trailer is a British logistics company with offices throughout Europe and specialises in trailer rental. The trailers are regularly inspected in their own or partner workshops to ensure safety and roadworthiness. Now there will also be an official proof of competence for the personnel who carry out the inspection. This is why the standard, which can be offered to other logistics companies and trailer manufacturersin future, was developed by TÜV NORD CERT and TÜV NORD Mobilität. The successful pilot test took place on 11 July 2018. After minor improvements have been incorporated into the documentation, the product will be ready for the market this autumn. In Germany and Austria alone, we expect approximately 150 certificates and a turnover of approximately 60,000 Euro in the next three years. TIP Trailer branches from other countries will also be certified and there have already been enquiries from other logistics companies.
Contact: Steffen Roßberg (

450 BMW employees to be trained by TÜV NORD Mexico

Javier Couto and Gerardo Mata from TÜV NORD Mexico are faced with a mammoth task: this year and next, they will train around 450 employees of BMW in a total of 30 training units. The programme will include the basics of quality management and Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. TÜV NORD Mexico has won the contract jointly with the German company QMS. Assistance was provided by Pamela Delgadillo from TÜV NORD Mexico, who attended a seminar at BMW in December. The BMW Training Centre is located in San Luis Potosí; a new BMW plant is being built right next door and is set to become the German car manufacturer’s third largest plant worldwide. The company plans to relocate production of the 3-series from Germany to Mexico; these models are also still being built in China. Raul Mitre, Managing Director of TÜV NORD Mexico, says that there are no doubts about the project despite the trade restrictions planned by US President Donald Trump. However, only a small proportion of the plant will produce vehicles for the US market. According to Herman Bohrer, head of BMW Mexico, the investment programme will continue: This year, the company will invest over 17 million euros in the training and further education of its 700 employees; this figure will rise to 35 million next year, of which almost one-tenth will go to the training centre. "We’re going to work a lot more with BMW", says Raul Mitre, full of confidence that this training will open doors to further business: TÜV NORD Mexico is currently bidding for Value Added Production, an internal BMW production system.
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TUV USA receives recognition for MDSAP

TÜV USA has received full recognition as a recognized certification body under the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP). The program started in 2014 in a pilot project with TÜV USA as one of the first participants. Since 2017, MDSAP has been a certifiable standard with the aim of removing existing trade barriers for medical device manufacturers. Until now, manufacturers often had to wait several years to be able to sell a product internationally because the products had to be approved by authorities in several countries. Based on the MDSAP, organizations such as TÜV USA can be more effectively involved in the approval process. This reduces the workload of the regulatory authorities and thus the time from application to approval of a product for a new market. "It has been an exciting journey for all of us and we look forward to seeing how the MDSAP program evolves. TÜV USA is proud to be one of the few certification bodies to offer the new MDSAP certification", said Ralf Thomsen, Vice President Medical Device International and Deputy Head of the Business Development Cluster for the Southeast Europe region in the OBS system certification. So far, five jurisdictions are involved in MDSAP: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan and the United States.
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The TÜV NORD CERT International Sales division has acquired GEBRA as a new customer. The trading company supplies large discounters in the non-food sector. We now work for GEBRA in four countries and carry out social audits of their suppliers: China (Quanzhou Billion Art Crafts, Taizhou Huangyan Hengda Plastic), Pakistan (Swisspo), Bangladesh (Zaber & Zubair) and India (Leo Wetblue, Malo International and NEPC). In Bangladesh, three more audits will follow soon. A further expansion of the cooperation is planned.
Contact: Heiko Sepulveda (

Top Contracts

Deutsche Telekom

TÜV NORD CERT has concluded a major new contract with Deutsche Telekom: Europe's largest telecommunications company has been certified with the TÜV Service Check "Best fixed network quality - voice - according to QvK standard". The quality comparison from the customer's point of view (QvK) was based on over 175,000 data records from all nationwide providers and a thorough and objective evaluation of the data. TÜV NORD CERT had already certified Deutsche Telekom with "TÜV Service Check: Best mobile network quality according to QvK standard" in November 2017.
Contact: Dr. Hermann Saalfeld (

VDM Metals International

TÜV NORD CERT has taken its largest order in the aviation sector in five years: VDM Metals International GmbH is to be certified according to EN 9100. The International Sales division secured contract and the DACH cluster will be responsible for the work involved. Initially, five sites in Germany will be certified. Further locations in Germany and the USA will follow. VDM Metals is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance metallic materials with operations in Germany and the United States. The company is already a customer of ours for 9001, 14001, 18001, 50001 and DIN SPEC.
Contact: Matthias Schall (