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Grid connection certification for the low- and medium-voltage network

Before power can be fed into the grid, the operator of the individual generation unit has to present a so-called „Unit Certificate“. Grid operators have required this evidence, which is intended to ensure system stability, for a long time now; it has been obligatory since April 2011 in order to obtain the “system performance bonus”. TÜV NORD CERT offers this certification, smoothing the path to grid compliance.

It is the task of the grid operator to prevent failure of electricity supply. In order to meet his responsibilities in this regard, he requires precise information about how decentralised power installations (e.g. photovoltaic plants) behave when grid parameters (voltage or frequency) change. The maximum power that is fed in and also the possibility of disturbance to grid operation by a particular plant must also be clear.

Find out more about the different certifications, requirements and processes on our website.

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