Overview: The PD Groups

There were some personnel changes in the responsibilities of the PD Groups. Furthermore new PD Groups have been added. Therefore, you will find an overview of the current PD Groups and their managers here.

Project & Decision Group (PD) 1: Sales & Marketing

  • Manager: Dr. Gerhard Dreier
  • Coordinator: Kim-Julia Zamljen
  • Members: F. Rehbein, M. Schall, H. Sepulveda, Marketing and Sales Representatives from all OBS Clusters

Project & Decision Group (PD) 2: Innovation and Accreditation 

  • Manager: Udo Kubitz
  • Coordinator: Christiane Steinkämper 

Project & Decision Group (PD) 3 : Processes & IT

  • Manager: Dr. Claudia Käsehagen 

Project & Decision Group (PD) 5: Training

  • Manager: Steffen Roßberg
  • Coordinator: Ina Walter 
  • Members: S. Kulkarni (India), K. Beyer (Germany), B. Jongjai (Thailand), J. Fang (China), K. Lehoullier (USA), A. Maleki (Iran), N. Agarwal (India), K. Bone (Indonesia), S. Davies (ME), S. Ivanova (Bulgaria), A. Lukaszczyk (Poland), R. Marei (Egypt), N. Ufak (Germany)

Project & Decision Group (PD) 6: Social Standards

  • Manager: Udo Kubitz
  • Coordinator: Martin Saalmann
  • Start Date: 1 May 2018
  • Members: H. Song (China), S. Kulkarni (India), Mr. Reddy (OBS Food), A. Gökcol (Turkey), S. Davies (Middle East), H. Sepulveda (Germany; guest from PD1 regarding issues of sales)

Project & Decision Group (PD) 7: Sustainability

  • Manager: Udo Kubitz
  • Coordinator: Rainer Winter
  • Start Date: 1 May 2018
  • Members: Y. Li (China), S. Kulkarni (India), V.S. Reddy (OBS Food ), S. Yotov (Bulgaria), K. Boban (Croatia), R. Mitre (Americas), S. Porelli (Italy), A. Godula (Poland), S. Davies (Middle East), H. Sepulveda (guest from PD1 regarding issues of sales), E. Krupp (Germany)

Project & Decision Group (PD) 8: IT-related Certification Services

  • Manager: Paul van Enckevort
  • Coordinator: N.N.
  • Start Date: 1 June 2018
  • Members: Cluster Heads, additional experts (tbd), S. Davies (Middle East)