Project & Decision Group 2

“Accelerate growth to become a global certification company by 2020” is the strategy of OBS System Certification (OBS SC). The plan is to attain sales growth significantly above market growth by strengthening and developing regional sales departments on the one hand and using a coordinated approach to winning global contracts from international customers on the other hand. In order to trigger and manage this development, five Project & Decision Groups (P&D) have been established.

P&D 2: innovations

Project & Decision group 2 is concerned with innovations. Wolfgang Wielpütz is acting as group manager and Christiane Steinkämper as coordinator. All the OBS clusters are represented as group members. A few months ago the previous P&D group 4 (accreditations) of Dr. Klaus Oberste Lehn and Angelika Ull was melted into P&D group 2. Now accredited and non-accredited innovations in the OBS are combined in one group.

Wolfgang Wielpütz

The current objective of P&D group 2 is to have an overview about current and new innovations. The team members keep in touch regularly through video conferences all four weeks. The main tasks of the group are: 

  • Approval of innovation ideas and initiation of innovation projects for all non-accredited and accredited products of the OBS SC with a fixed budget, timeframe, nomination of project manager and the specialist
  • The rejection or an early termination of a product development on the basis of defined criteria
  • Decision regarding removal of existing products and accreditation from the market

The tasks of the coordinator Mrs. Steinkämper are diverse: They range from the screening of ISO portals for new ideas to the analysis of ideas and the supporting of idea initiators, project managers, cluster managers and head of OBS SC. Furthermore the training of project managers and the coordination, registration and controlling of innovation projects and reporting to the steering committee are her tasks, as well as the continual updating of the SharePoint with information and status of current innovation projects.

Christiane Steinkämper

The group is always looking for new innovations. If you have any ideas, please contact Christiane Steinkämper: